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Lovers Day Axami Lingerie

April 23 – Lovers Day

 Hey Darlings,

 We can all admit that the quarantine blues are real. Those of us who live in apartment complexes find it hard to catch a bit of sun if we have no balconies and being cooped up indoors is starting to take its toll on everyone, including the introverts. Its also really hard to be gracious and romantic to your partner when you are forced to spend the twenty-four-hour cycle together.

  It's even crazier when we consider that today is the Lover's Day a less popular but still very significant day for couples to share their love and reminisce on the good times they have spent together. This quarantine can be especially tricky for couples who are in the earlier stages of living together, you haven’t fully adjusted to your partner's quirks and now you’re essentially tied to them with no room for escape.  Ultimately raises the question of, how do we celebrate love when we are at the very tip of our fed upscale. Simple, make it casual.

  While I do not propose turning it into a pajama fest like last week. there are a few simple things we can do to set ourselves up for a successful lover’s day.

  Be thoughtful. Make it a point to put your partner's needs above yours on that day. That means giving them the extra time in the shower for hot water, watching the kids while they take some time off, or simply letting them use the larger television.

Sexy Sheer Chemise String Set Anais LilithGifts. Since Lavinia is still open and running you are still in the margin of time to go through our newer collections and get your partner a gift that will be worth it for both of you. Try our Lilith by Anais and Pearl by Anais.

  Dinner at home. Dinner at home, when done right, is still a fancy evening, it simply just inside. If you are one of the lucky few with a balcony or veranda view, set up some tables and have a nice dinner with a view of the sky.

   Remember, the little things are often the most precious.


Love Lavinia

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