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5 Heels that will Make Your Lingerie Look

  Hello Darlings,

Wearing lingerie is always a pleasurable experience. It doesn’t truly matter if you are wearing it as a clothing item or beneath your clothes. There is something mysteriously empowering about wearing lingerie.

  The little do over you give yourself in the mirror when you wear a compelling set, or even the simple sly smile you find peeking through your resting face when you remember the piece you have underneath your work clothes. There is no doubt that this is further amplified when you wear erotic lingerie. The little hint of naughtiness adds an even better feeling of boldness to your look.

  However, for some of us, the look does not really feel complete, on its own or beneath clothes. A quick fix for that would be to get some heels. Yup, heels are the secret weapon you have been missing. The benefit of heels come in the way they tilt your leg and by default figure. By lengthening the look of your leg, they give a rounded view of your butt and sometimes even help center the way your bra/breasts appear. Trust me, the next time you head on out to a store to buy lingerie get any one of these heels to create a game-changer.

  Pumps. These are medium length heels that often come in length 3.5 to 5 inches. They are great for those who want the benefit of length but may not be as comfortable walking in stilettos.

  Sandal Heels. These make for a classical look in every size and length. I always say one black sandal heel is a must-have in every closet.

  Wedge Heels. These may not come off as sophisticated as others, but they are great for support. This is often worn on more casual semiprofessional events and makes a great pairing when the lingerie isn’t the focus. Don’t get it twisted though, these bad boys will still have you looking your best.

  High Heeled Boots. These are a great and all-American favorite addition. Not only are they great with jeans but they give a teasing trail leading up to the lingerie.

  Ankle Straps. These are another classy pair that offer enough contrast that they would work perfectly for a night of seduction.

Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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