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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
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A Guide to Bra Fitting

Hey Lovelies,

  We have talked a bit about bras and getting comfortable in our lingerie in the past few weeks. Something I always cover on this topic is the importance of getting a lingerie-and more specifically bra-fitting done before making a purchase, online or in the store. This is because fittings are the most accurate ways to know what your true and most comfortable size is.

  Due to how important this is, I am going to split the guide into two sections; How to prepare for a fitting, and how to make sure the bra you chose fits.

Preparing for a fitting; A few things to keep in mind when going in for a fitting:

  Do not starve. It is important that your size reflect your everyday proportions, refraining from eating to appear fit in front of the stranger who will take your measurements is not the clever idea it may seem like.

  Ask Questions. While it is important to be polite, make sure to ask questions whenever you are confused, curious or uncomfortable.

  How to know if your bra fits; here’s how to make sure you are wearing the right size:

  Check the support/effectiveness. Put on the bra as you normally would, adjust your strap for comfort, now do a few hops and stretches. Your bra should remain intact if it fits properly.

  Check the cups. Here you want to make sure there isn’t any “spillage” going on the sides or front of the bra. Quite a few people mistake spillage for being part of push-up effect. Your breast regardless of the type of bra, should fit comfortably within the cups.

  Check the underwire. Your underwire should line straight under the cleavage. If there is space, then your lingerie doesn’t fit properly.

  Friendly reminder, adjusting the strap and band of your bra is the first step to rectify bras that do not fit. If you have done so accurately, then you will need to change the size.

Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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