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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
Sexy Lace Open Cup Bra & Sheer Crotchless Thong Bridal Lingerie

Alabastra by Obsessive Lingerie

  Our latest partnership with Obsessive Lingerie brings us an exceptional and fierce slew of collections, and one of my personal favorites is the Alabastra set. One of the things I love about the set is the color, it’s a pure and bold white, and lucky for us we covered just how to keep our whites bold at the start of the month.

Sheer Lace Crotchless Thong Bridal LingerieThe set is comprised of an open cup bra and crotchless panties. The open cut rest right below the areola bud and frills lines sweetly but seductively laced against soft but firm padding. The bra uses lace material with stylized embroidery on the seams. The panties are bikini cut thongs slit into two connected ends that cover only the faintest bit of skin, revealing a pleasing surprise in the center.

  I personally love the design and material composition of this set. It makes for the perfect teasing lingerie fit, the cups are nicely balanced with an underwire, and the design is both delicate and fun. Obsessive truly finds the balance between playful and naughty with this daring set.

  The playful mesh of the cotton material adds a thrilling and complementary vibe to the erotic image of the open cut, with a cute ornament between the blades and a charming knot at the back of the bra.

  With crotchless panties and an open cup bra, it is clear that the set promises naughty wonders, I consider it a great addition to the at-home collection for extra special nights. Plus, the crotchless panties make for a self-exhilarating experience when worn for personal arousal. 

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