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Amoralle: Immorally Charming Handcrafted Lingerie

Amoralle: Immorally Charming Handcrafted Lingerie

Luxury Amoralle Lingerie

About the brand. Night silhouettes, royal laces, perfect tailoring and natural confidence: these are very exact synonyms for Latvian legwear, lingerie and nightwear fashion label Amoralle.

As a woman captured in an old French movie, dressed up in silk and refined laces, she is nothing like routine running down her window. This is what Amoralle female is about: absolutely unusual, spontaneous and sophisticated.

Luxury lingerie and nightwear brand Amoralle established by Inese Ozola opened its fashion house in 2008. Since then, it’s one of the most profitable design houses and lingerie labels in Northern Europe.

Amoralle also strikes theatre and opera scenes with its unique outfit collections, as well as national and international fashion shows. It carries multiple design awards, such as "The Most Daring Brand 2015", Latvian Fashion Award "Designer of the Year 2013", "Treasures of Latvia 2016" and others.

Exporting to more than 20 countries, Amoralle is famous for high-class production among various internet platforms, department stores and boutiques, women nightwear and loungewear. It has been complimented by Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and other fashion industry representatives.

It’s not lingerie. It’s a dream.

Amoralle label collaborates with notable brands and celebrities, creating exclusive collections for the stage and red carpet events. Once Amoralle steps on a catwalk, the air fills up by extraordinary lines, majestic shapes, royal details and vibrant colors. It is something underwear market was dreaming for years.

Titles of Amoralle collections - Wild Birds, Champagne Splendour, Film Noir, Cabaret and others - makes you dizzy. So does the outfit and lingerie sets: contrasting, screaming, tempting, craving, encouraging and awakening. Spectacular collections of Amoralle come in never boring compositions, with major attention to details. Highest quality fabrics and laces in each handmade lingerie set make Amoralle an exquisite producer.

The brand underlines the importance of body elegance, femininity, desire and refinement. It reminds for a woman to be the best version of herself.

Luxury Amoralle Lingerie & Nightwear

2017 fall news.

With the latest 2017 fall/winter collection named after the famous fairytale Sleeping Beauty, Amoralle introduces lingerie and nightwear made from silk, tulle and pompous chiffon, singing in raspberry, tan pink and moss colors. Sparkling in gold, femininity and magic, Amoralle takes the breath away. Again and again.

Like a present from a far-away kingdom, a feature of seductive elegance, a sign of the deepest romance, Amoralle lingerie is a perfect gift for your beloved one. It is lighter than amorousness and as exclusive as an underwater gem.

Amoralle feels like entering to Versaille’s nobility boudoir. It reminds of Venice sapphire blue canals intervened with rich jungle colors. It is an expression of wild amazon woman silently living inside an elegant duchess. It is a contrast; it is a falling in love.

Where to shop?

Amoralle lingerie, nightwear and leg wear items can be found online @

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