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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
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Buying Lingerie for a Plus Sized Partner

Hey Lovelies,

  It's July and no time for lies. Yes, I really did have to pull a dad joke! Okay, now that we are all slightly amused, we are going to get into the topic of the day - buying lingerie for a plus-size partner. Now, we have done a few segments on tips to shopping for our partners and selves, but sometimes when looking at the plus sized world of lingerie things can get a little more complicated. For one, you are facing a way less stocked market and lower supply often translates to higher prices. This means the very last thing you want to do is splurge on plus size lingerie and find out that you got the wrong size and color-oh no!

  The great thing about shopping at Lavinia is we make our shopping experience a 360 satisfactory one, that means from your browsing to returns and replacements, our process is as hassle free as we can make it. We also believe in great products at affordable prices.

  However, some gifts have deadlines and returns may take the zest out of the gifting process. So here are 3 tips for shopping for your plus sized partner.

  Tip 1: Know her style! This is super important, the first step to getting in the right direction is knowing exactly what you are looking for. That means pin pointing the designs your partner will love. Some ladies love a soft design like Demeter or a more erotic look like Xantho.

  Tip 2: Know her size! This is a crucial part of not having your head chewed off after trying to do a nice thing. Fun way to do this is to offer to do laundry and peek at the size of her most worn bra and panties. Some lingerie pieces like, Sevilla do not come with specific numbers but rather, are labeled S-XXXL. Plus sizes start at XL so consider this when shopping.

  Tip 3: Knowing the sizing of the country. Here at Lavinia we use cookies to help you navigate the currency and sizing by the country you are shopping for. However, this is not always accurate, always verify with customer service when unsure or use the sizing chart.

Sexy Sheer Chemise Lace-Up Back Lingerie

  Try some of our plus size favorites today Scarlet Powder by Gorteks, Vivian by Lauma and Lilith by Anais.

Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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