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Corsets; Nay or Yay

  A corset is an undergarment designed to help transform the torso into a desired shape. Usually by shrinking the waist and emphasizing the size of the bosom and bottom. They are worn by both men and women but are more commonly associated with women. They are designed to be tight fitted and usually extend from the chest to right above the hip.

  Over time, it was believed that if worn for long periods and severely tightened, the temporary effects could be made permanent through a process of “training”. While there isn’t really any proof that corsets accomplish the job of shrinking the waist and creating an hourglass figure permanently, many fad diets have included them in their regimens over centuries.

  Around the mid to late 1900s corsets took on a new meaning. With the rise of sexual liberation and burlesque scene, corsets and a few other lingerie accessories became symbols of brazen sexuality. And were now seen as not just lingerie but outerwear. Many women would design their tops to mimic the shape and density of corsets or simply wear them above their clothing. Over the 2000s their popularity began to wane, and other than a few fad diets that still recommend them corsets lost their large following.

  However, like most trends, I am certain they will make an explosive comeback. Until then, here are a few ways you can wear corsets and a few tips to keep in mind:

  There are three basic corset designs. The Strap corset, these come with straps and are most commonly worn to avoid slippage and bulging with tight-fitted clothing. The Strapless corset, these are the most modern version and are great for pairing with thin sleeves or sleeveless clothes. Finally, the Traditional corsets are often made with layered lace material and are the design most often featured in burlesque shows.

  Corsets as they were originally designed, are great at cinching the waist and torso region, the elastic tight-fitted band creates the illusion of a wider bust and bottom by reducing the torso size. They are great for creating an hourglass and flat tummy when wearing tight-fitted clothes. They are also perfect for boudoir and sexual shoots.

  Corsets, however, should not be worn for longer than eight hours. It is also a myth that they must be uncomfortably tight to do their jobs.

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