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February 29 – Leap Day

February 29 – Leap Day

Dear Readers,

  A call for action and joy. This year, as a few of us have likely noted in passing is, in fact, a Leap Year. That means, the month of February is one day longer. Now, for many of us, getting older looked a lot like being demystified over many things that once made us gasp in awe, or have our pupils dilated with glee. Things like the thought of Santa having a cookie and some milk while delivering presents, or the tooth fairies’ monetary gift in exchange for a well-treated tooth, or one of my personal favorites-the joy of having a whole extra day in the year!

  The Leap Year on its own may not seem as special as some rare occasions, it certainly doesn’t feel like the awe of space travel or the scale of the rarity of a palindrome date. In fact, maturity teaches us he hard scientific and often existential lesson that time and dates are simply ways we have chosen to measure certain phenomenon; meaning, that the idea of an extra day can really be warped and changed depending on our choice of measurement.

   However, regardless of all the many demystifying reasons out there, it is a whole extra day in the year. I like to think of that as a gift that shouldn’t be overlooked. One of the most frequent complaints from people is the fear of not doing or being enough. Simply put, not having enough time, or at the very least, managing it properly. With all these feelings of gloom related to time, I think acknowledging the gift of an extra day is not so farfetched. So, in honor of this new day here are five great ways you can spend the Leap Day.

Be bold

 You have been gifted with an extra twenty-four hours, do something fulfilling. Be bold and stand your ground, speak your mind, and fight for you.

Buy lingerie

 As always, a great way to spend the leap day is to splurge on the things that give you joy. Don’t want to splurge but love something essential, try one of our stockings from our newest brand, Fiore Hosiery.

Try something new

If you don’t see the 29th as a gift, maybe look at it as a spare day that doesn’t count. Try something new, you don’t like it. fine, it was a spare day anyway.


Love Lavinia

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