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Five Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Lingerie

Hey Lovelies,

 We often find ourselves thrown into the simple debates of what lingerie is supreme, more fitting and all-around more appealing than the others. Truth is, corsets or bodysuit both have their merits and what they offer to any given look, all lingerie when worn the right way is enchanting.

Yes, regardless of the aisle you got it from. So, why is it that you paid a good sum of money and still feel like a sack of potatoes being tied by a string? Well, there are a few reasons, it could simply be body dysmorphia or just as likely you are doing a few things wrong. Here are five things you may be doing wrong when wearing lingerie;

 Wearing a size too small. I could scream this from the top of my lungs and still would not hesitate to do so again. Wearing a size or two below yours is not the hack you think it is! It is an unhealthy practice and you are also likely to look like a stuffed pillow in wrapping paper, not flattering. Don’t skimp on comfort for sexy, contrary to what people say; beauty is not pain!

 Color. When shopping for anything, especially erotic lingerie, something a lot of us fail to take into consideration is the color we are buying and how that looks on our skin tones and complexion. This can make a load of difference in why you seem to be drowning in your corset!

 Ill-fitting shapewear. Back up, you mean shapewear can be ill-fitting. Yup. A popular myth is that any shapewear will do, which is far from true, depending on the cut of and design of your shapewear the wrong places may be accentuated or hidden, leaving you looking pudgy and feeling uncomfortable.

 Material. This is a less common but still prominent mistake. The use of certain materials in an area can help to accentuate the design, there is the user can also help accentuate areas you want hidden.

 Not trying on pieces first. It is important to try on lingerie pieces before committing to the purchase especially when visiting a store for the first time. Remember we are all shaped differently and just because it looks great on the model or mannequin doesn’t mean the same look will reflect on you.

 Let me know what you think about these tips in the comment section.


Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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