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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
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Fun Things To Do At Home

  Its officially week three of quarantine and its safe to say we are all feeling the quarantine blues. Our hours seem shorter and yet far too long, our days seem to drag on forever without many options regarding how we can best put them to good use. The great thing I am here to help with that.

  Firstly, it is important to take personal time out. Sure, we are stuck in our homes and it certainly feels like we have had all the personal time we can possibly muster but the truth is most of us have likely spent the time we have avoiding any form of personal time because it just feels a little too raw and real when we are left alone without thoughts. Make it a goal to spend at least ten minutes every day meditating. Inner peace in isolation will be our strongest strength.

  Do some window shopping. The thematic word in window shopping may involve needing to leave your home but the spirit behind it can be explored without doing so. Simply sign on to your favorite website, i.e. and scroll through some of our latest releases. The great thing about this is you get to place a bunch of items in your cart, feel the satisfaction of having it and not spend a dime.

  Do some actual shopping. While window shopping is fun and a great money saver. This is a great time to do some actual shopping. It helps us identify the items we really do need to buy. Like finally, getting down to replacing an older lingerie set. Another great bonus to doing this is trying something fresh and not having to worry about the outside reception of it while we still break it in.

  Organize your closet. Extra time at home means more time to dig in introspectively and get rid of the things we no longer need. Besides, if you’re doing tip number three right, you’re going to need some space for the items you buy.

Sexy Sheer Lace Babydoll Black Lingerie Set

  Remember, when in doubt there is always perfect lingerie to lift the mood. Try our latest releases; Scarlet by Gorteks,  Lula by Anais and Lilith by Anais.

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