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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
Sexy Sheer Bras & String Panty Red Lingerie Set

Hot Red Giftella by Obsessive Lingerie

  The Giftella collection is one of the latest launches we have made since our newest partnership with Obsessive lingerie. This collection has made its way to the very top of my list and very quickly. I can’t wait to review this!

  This is perfect for the dawn of summer, a sultry red collection on three very different looks is my idea of the perfect way to enjoy a summer of sensation. I truly love everything about this look, the cut, the material choice and even the quirky design tints on the fused seams. Obsessive makes a grand introduction with the Giftella collection.

  Before I get carried away, let's break down the pieces in the collection; there is the delectably cut Sheer String Teddy, a seductive Sheer String Bra & Panty Set and two accessories; a pair of Playful Nipple Covers and a Sheer Bow String Thong.

Sexy Sheer String Teddy Red Lingerie Flirty Bow String Thong Panty Red Lingerie Tempting Red Nipple Covers


  I think the pieces I am most excited for are the Teddy and nipple covers, they are sexy and playful!

  The Teddy is a sheer string design that lines the abdomen connecting the soft lace material of the bra to the sheer lace easing cut of the panty section. The nipple covers are just the most tasteful and yet naughty accessory; It has a stick-on soft material coated with safe adhesive for multiple uses and a literal string bow at the top!

  The panty and bra set is no slouchers either, looking at the design it is a clear and seductive alternative for those who are not too comfortable with a string teddy fit. Allowing for the teasing and sensual look without the tightened fit that may be uncomfortable for some. The thong is play and cut in a plain g-string design, with a flirtatious bow at the back!

  Available in size S/M and L/XL. In all, this collection is perfect for the wild summer we are all itching to jump into.


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