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mysterious lingerie outfit for celebrating Halloween

Our Halloween Styling Tips are Here!

All seasons have something to be excited about, but our absolute favorite is here! Fall is that wonderful time of year when we cozy up, spend more time indoors, and get to enjoy the fun of dressing up for Halloween! 

This year has truly flown by. And if you're anything like us, you're wondering what costume to wear for this year's festivities. 

No worries! We've drafted up some styling recommendations for those of you who want a quick Halloween outfit for the weekend party OR those who simply want to be a little more risqué for this occasion.


3 Halloween outfits you can create with lingerie

1. The innocent angel 

3-piece white lingerie set by Gorteks

Most 3-piece white lingerie sets will do here, paired with some angel wings and a halo. If you don't want to be as exposed, you can add a sheer dress and wear it on top.

We particularly love the 'Rome' collection by Gorteks (as seen above) and the strappy lace body 'Aminata' by Lauma

Any light-colored lace lingerie sets can work for this outfit too, simply match them with the best wings you can find and come up with a story to go with the color.


2. The Playboy bunny

easy Playboy bunny outfit with black bodysuit

The perfect Playboy bunny look with the 'Vintage Bow' tights by Fiore.

All you need for this outfit is a black bodysuitnude or black tights, a cute bowtie, and silky bunny ears. 

If you've been following us on Instagram, you'll know we LOVE all the ways you can wear a black bodysuit. And this Halloween look is no exception! You could end up wearing your bodysuit again and again, so it's worth investing in.

Seductive contour bodysuit with underwired bra by Kinga

'Mist Contour' Bodysuit by Kinga

By the way, if you struggle to locate the bunny ears or the bowtie, you can pick any other head accessory and customize your look accordingly: the Playboy teddy, the little Playboy devil, and so on.


3. Promiscuous vampire slash dominatrix

hot latex pencil dress with zip opening by Noir Handmade

Seductive pencil dress by Noir Handmade

This look is definitely not for the faint-hearted and maybe even best for parties for two... that said, we couldn't skip mentioning this super hot (and simple) look to achieve! Anything with a leather effect (aka latex) goes! See-through mini dresses, tops, corsets, and gloves are excellent, too! 

Finding these items shouldn't be too hard on the high street or Amazon, but if you're looking to invest in higher quality pieces, we've just got the solution for you. NOIR HANDMADE is a lingerie brand that deals almost exclusively in racy intimates. All pieces are made in Europe with the utmost care (so no cheap, Chinese knock-offs!).

Pair your latex look with hot red lipstick and ample amounts of confidence - after all, vampires and dominatrixes have plenty! 


Over to you

That's it for our favorite lingerie styles for Halloween! Hope you enjoyed the read and feel a little more inspired to try something new this year (or the next).

If there was one thing we'd recommend... it's to remind you that the excitement of dressing up and putting on costumes is thrilling, so don't limit it to just one day per year! 😉


Happy Halloween,

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