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How To De-Clutter Your Lingerie

New Year, new you? We all love a New Year’s resolution — and if de-cluttering is high on your list for 2019, then you’re not alone; this year most talked about new TV show so far is Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Here are some top tips on how to organize your lingerie drawer so that you can start your day right.


Check Your Fit.


Your first step? Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit. Your body shape can change over time, so lingerie experts recommend checking your fit every six months or so; our general bra fitting tips will help. That said, it’s pretty easy to identify the bras that don’t fit correctly: they’re the ones you never wear. If there’s a bra that sits neglected at the bottom of your lingerie drawer — even when all your other bras are in the wash — because you know you’ll spend the entire day adjusting your bra straps, then it’s time to be ruthless. It’s got to go.


Recycle Or Donate Your Old Lingerie.


Charity shops might not welcome your cast-off underwear, but that doesn’t mean that you have to send it all to landfill. Check your local recycling collection service to see if they accept textile waste, and visit the Bra Recyclers to find out where to donate your unwanted bras.


Organize Your Keepers.


By now, you should have edited your lingerie collection into something a bit more manageable — so it’s time for a tidy up. When it comes to storing your panties, take inspiration from the panty drawers at lingerie stores and roll them up individually, so that you can pick out your daily pair at a glance. As for bras, it’s important to give molded bras plenty of space so that you don’t crumple the cups. Stack your molded and t-shirt bras next to each other in your lingerie drawer to help them keep their shape.


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Love Lavinia @ Lavinia's Lingerie Blog

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