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How to Deal with an Uncomfortable Bra

Hello Darlings,

  A common question people who wear or are curious about bras ask is, Does it hurt. A common response is yes. Many women report wearing bras because of social expectations and not comfort. Some common problems women report are; back pain, shoulder strain and soreness on the sides. While I am a believer in being your most comfortable, some shoppers would rather be uncomfortable in a bra than uncomfortable without one.  To this, many women ask just how they can make their bras comfortable, or at the very least not as painful as they are.

  Well, you are in luck, I scoured the web searching for the best possible ways to either get rid of, or drastically reduce the discomfort that comes with wearing bras. Here are 5!

  Know your bra size. An improper fitting or forgoing a fitting all together may lead to serious discomfort, and sometimes bruising. It is important to get fitted regularly to know your accurate size. Wearing a bra that is too small will result in tightness, while wearing one that is too large will lead to no support. 

  Get an bra extender. These bad boys are a great way to ease up tension from your back. They are also great for plus sized women who may not necessarily have bigger bust but instead have wider bands.

   Adjust your straps! this is very important because your strap is what spreads support weight evenly across the shoulder and back and can greatly affect posture. You want to adjust your straps as frequently as you feel uncomfortable, and every time you put on a bra-yes, even if you wore it the day before.

   Soak your bra before wearing it for the first time. Newly bough bras can be stiff and uncomfortable. Make sure to soak it to help the elasticity kick in and make wearing it far easier.

  Quality over everything. The quality of material and production will play a role in how it fits and feels on your body. Remember that pricy doesn’t always mean quality.

  Side tip: consider trading in your underwire bra for a bralette or a bra with no underwire.

Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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