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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
Sexy Sheer Lace Red Lingerie Set

How to Wear Sexy Lingerie

  Lingerie can be used for many things, for one it is practical as underwear, it can also be used as a form of sexual exploration and expression. As a result, many of us who wear it do so for different reasons. However, with age or situation comes change, and with change comes a desire for exploration, what better way to do so than with lingerie?

  We are able to explore themes we wouldn’t normally feel so comfortable with if we were doing so with regular clothing, and also get to reap the sexual benefit, it’s a win-win. Regardless of what your reason for the interest in this article should have you covered on the basics.

  Sexy and erotic are subjective but there are a few helpful tips to achieve whatever level of provocative you are aiming for.

Flirty Bow String Thong Panty Red Lingerie  Thongs. Thongs are a great way to switch up your sexual collection. They are affordable and most of us have owned at least one once. There are many different kinds of thongs; G-string and tanga just to name a few.  Less is truly more with a thong; the idea of scanty covering is risqué enough for many. Try our newly released Giftella Thong Panty by Obsessive.

Sexy Open Cup Half-Breasted Bra  Open Cup Bras. These take risqué to a whole new level. On one hand, they are great for broad cleavages due to how low the cleavage cut is for the style. On the other, they also make for an exciting experience. The opposite of covered and/or dainty, these bras are a sure way to spice up your life. Sexy is also playful with our Open Cup Bra Dreamscape.  

Sexy Sheer Lace Garter Belt Black/Red Lingerie Garter Belts. Garters are what I like to call the efficient type of sexy. Although these lingerie accessories are great for very practical reasons, such as preventing your stockings from rolling down, they are also considered a universal teaser. Perfect for giving any lingerie set the little spark that it needs. Rosie Garter by Kinga is a great and comfortable option.

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Alyson - August 22, 2020

Open back panties, garter panties, leather, zip around open crotch panties, cage bras and panties, and body harnesses are all quite sexy, in my opinion. The more complicated the piece, the sexier it is. It is only when one can master the art of seduction that any piece of lingerie-sexy or not-becomes erotic. As a side note, I absolutely adore the Axami open cup bras. Every woman should own at least one.

Bryan LeeStark - August 8, 2020

I like what I see very sexy

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