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Sheer High Waist Full Brief Panty Gorteks Gabi @ Lavinia Lingerie

I’m looking for styles that help with the areas I’m sensitive about, mainly my midsection.

Sure, here are some product suggestions from Lavinia Lingerie that can help with areas of sensitivity around the midsection:


Panache Envy High Waist Shaping Brief Ivory


  1. High-Waisted Shaping Panties: These panties provide gentle compression and support to the midsection, helping to smooth out any bumps or bulges.

  2. Sheer High Waist Tulle Brief Panty Kinga Pastellove
  3. Tummy Control Shapewear: Look for bodysuits or camisoles with built-in tummy control panels to target the midsection specifically.

  4. Control Briefs: These briefs offer moderate to firm control over the midsection, helping to flatten the stomach and smooth out any problem areas.

  5. Body Shapers: Full-body shapers or bodysuits are designed to provide comprehensive shaping and support, including the midsection, hips, and thighs.

  6. Body Shaper Lauma Perfect Classic
  7. Waist Cinchers: Waist cinchers are designed to slim and shape the waistline, offering firm compression to the midsection for a smoother silhouette.

  8. Shaping Camisoles: Camisoles with shaping properties can provide gentle support to the midsection while also offering coverage and comfort.

  9. Seamless Shapewear: Seamless styles are ideal for wearing under tight-fitting clothing, providing discreet shaping and smoothing without any visible lines.

These products can help address sensitivity around the midsection by providing support, compression, and smoothing effects, allowing you to feel more confident and comfortable in your clothing.

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