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International Flirting Week

Hi Darlings,

 Valentine’s day is tomorrow, and we are all in the mood for some much-needed romantic time with our partners. While some of us, are spending the day alone or with friends. Whatever the setting the ultimate goal is to have a peaceful and if time allows a memorable night. However, these are not the people I write for today. While like most of my posts, today's blog is certainly open to everyone interested in reading or simply looking for a way to pass time. I can not overstate how important this blog is for those of you who struggle with being single.

 I would never suggest that there is anything wrong with being single. However, being single is not for everyone and sometimes we crave the very natural and joyful feeling of companionship. The problem is we may also not be well versed in the art of flirtation and seduction. Although this is an issue most pronounced with men, who are often the ones doing the seducing, it is not an issue unique to them, and many women report not being confident or even certain how to reciprocate, receive or show their admiration.

 As I always say, my favorite quality of lingerie is the confidence boost it comes with. I would be wrong not to at least share some healthy and fun tricks to the world of flirtation. This is an International Flirtation week and I cannot picture a better time than now.

 Tip 1. Smile, I know Hollywood would have you believe an air of mystery is the way to get someone’s attention, but in the real world, a smile will get you an open door faster than any subtle ques you may be thinking of. This is especially noteworthy when dealing with people who know nothing about you. Remember not to push it, smile in whatever way you are most comfortable, it's merely an invitation.

 Tip 2. Listen, oh yes. The greatest tip of all is simply paying attention. A way to keep and maintain attention when flirting with someone is to pay attention to what they are saying. Not only does this guarantee the conversation will flow as naturally as possible, it also gives you a peek into what they appreciate and don’t.

 Tip 3. Be comfortable. This is not an invitation to bring out your beer sofa talk but simply to let yourself enjoy the moment. Conversing with someone you find attractive is already a plus sign. Enjoy the moment so you don’t walk away feeling confused, less than, or worse humiliated. This way, however, the flirting goes, it comes off as natural as possible.

 Tip 4. Kindness. The kindness may seem like an unnecessary point but in recent times there has been this false pointer going on that being neglectful or mean to the person you want will have them hooked on you. Not only is that method psychologically damaging for them, but it is also largely false and only works on those with lower self-esteem. Kindness is important but should not be contingent on them reciprocating your feelings.

 Remember, bring your best game forward, and enjoy the moment.

Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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