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Lingerie and Relationships

Hey Darlings,

 Another day, another hustle and bustle. But what do we do at times like this? We scroll on our favorite lingerie blog of course. Welcome once again, today we are going to be discussing something that comes up periodically in conversation about lingerie. Relationships.

 There is a common belief that your closet, and more specifically lingerie drawer, is a window into the state of your relationship. Is the passion high, are you in the flat zone, or are you getting comfortable? Most of these questions can be answered by taking a peek into your lingerie drawer and the most frequently used lingerie sets.

 How? Simple. People tend to go all out when they are in the passionate stage, dressing in sexy fits, trying on new things and experimenting with their partners. When we get to the flat zone-this is simply the middle point where things feel a little stale and out of place- our lingerie choice becomes more of an awkward mixture of sexy and comfort. Once we get to the comfort stage-by this time most of the passion is replaced with comfort and attachment, we completely switch things out and adopt a more laid-back approach to our lingerie. In short, we are no longer trying to impress our partner.

 While this can be a sign of a positive relationship where we feel so comfortable with our partners, we no longer thread on needles with them and attempt to look sexy constantly. It can also be a sign that the spark is dying. No need to freak out, it's perfectly normal for that to be the case. In fact, romantic love doesn’t fully set in until we reach the comfort stage, because it is at this point, we are certain our partner knows and loves the real us.

 However, it is important to not neglect the passionate side of your relationship when you reach the comfort stage, humans are sexual beings that also need stimulation in that area. Keeping things spicy in your relationship is a way to guarantee longevity.

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