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Perk Up Your Loungewear Game With Lingerie

Perk Up Your Loungewear Game With Lingerie

  Let's be honest: We've all been spending a little more time lounging around the house these past couple of weeks. So today, we invite you to forget about the practicality of your favorite leggings plus t-shirt combo, and indulge in the fantasy of wearing seductive lingerie as loungewear instead!

  We know. It can sound like a stretch and for some of us, it's close to impossible - you can't exactly wear sheer lingerie with kids running around. However, we'd like for you to put all those doubts aside and focus on the three pros of wearing lingerie as loungewear instead:

  1. More intimate moments (especially on lazier mornings)

perfect morning coffee moment

Image credit: unknown but mostly seen on Pinterest & Instagram

  Nothing beats a lie-in on a lazier weekend day. But more often than not, we're too quick to get all dressed up to get that cup of coffee (or tea) and start checking notifications on our phones while we wait.

  By owning styles that can be worn as loungewear, there's less change in the morning and you can enjoy those precious intimate moments for longer.


  2. Introduce a slower, more positive tone to your day

beautiful woman wearing white lace intimates by Lauma

Image credit: Model Cecilia (@thisiscecy) wearing lingerie by Lauma

  With all days morphing into one because of the lockdown restrictions, you may have noticed that days are passing by much faster than usual. And while there's comfort in having a routine, the only way to slow time down is to break it up.

  You could commit to at least one day per week where you wear some of your finest lingerie for half a day. It can be a piece that makes you feel especially confident or is simply made from high-quality fabrics like lace or silk. We promise that this activity will lengthen your day (and make it more pleasant). By the way, if you're looking for an elegant outfit for lounging around, pairing the white lace body Aminata and Love Story robe by Lauma is absolutely perfect.


  3. Lingerie is something you can enjoy right now 

perfectly pink morning while wearing cute nightwear

Image credit: on Tumblr

  If you're anything like us, we're not so sure that we'll make use of all of those pretty summer dresses and swimming suits we stocked up for our holiday… but loungewear is something you can still wear and enjoy from the safety of our home.

  And if that's not a reason enough to treat yourself, we have another. If you shop for lingerie with us, you can get a 20% discount on your first order as long as you subscribe to our newsletter. Plus, we have plenty of lingerie on sale to appease the bargain hunter in you. 


  Need inspiration for picking your lingerie or loungewear?

  We hope we persuaded you to at least consider skipping your regular clothes in favor of lounging around in your fave lingerie. We have a couple of dozen styles to choose from, here are the three you may like:

  Well, that's it for today! Let us know how you enjoyed our blog and have a lovely day.


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