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Love Language; Lingerie Edition

Love Language; Lingerie Edition

Love languages were first publicly introduced to us in the book, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman in 1992. The book was as relevant then as it is today.

The languages are Gift Giving, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Acts of Service (Devotion), and Words of Affirmation. The idea behind love languages is that people have a unique way of showing and receiving love, meaning acts of love look a lot different for everyone. Love languages are simply the different categories everyone falls into, we can have more than one but we usually fall into one predominant group; the group we prefer above all else.

The great thing about these, and why they are still relevant today is because they help us know how our partners, friends and family members perceive love. Since people are different approaching them with your own love language may not accomplish or pass along the message you hope for. It also helps us accept the love we may not necessarily have known was being given. Understanding love languages simply means putting yourself in the other person's heart.

I figured we could make this fun by creating a lingerie version. These are the love languages featuring lingerie options.


Gift giving, some people view love as gifts which means they would appreciate getting gifts. Our Super Smooth No Wire Padded Plunge Bra makes the perfect gift for your partner!

Quality Time, some people simply like to spend time with their loved ones. For them its less about the actions and more about doing it together. Make your next Lavinia Haul a joint activity for quality time.

Physical Touch, some people view love as proximity. That means regardless of time or place it’s about the comfort of presence. Next time you buy lingerie online or at a store, give them the freedom to hold onto you.

Acts of Service, shopping for lingerie can be difficult and exhausting. Tag along and show support. Or better yet, if they are too tired, go in their stead. They are sure to love our, Sheer Lace Non-Wired Bralette.

Words of Affirmation means your partner loves and appreciates supportive words. Next time they try on a new lingerie set make sure to compliment them. That won't be difficult in our Black and Blue Three-Piece Lingerie Set.


Our love language at Lavinia is making sure you get the best pieces at the best cost. So try our new Darling balconette bra, vintage-styled high-waist brief panty and garter belt set.


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