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Pretty Floral Hosiery @ Lavinia Lingerie

On Patterned Stockings

Hey lingerie lovers,

  It is summertime, and the perfect time to add something to our collection. Although July is associated with bridal lingerie, it is also the month when the heat turns up; both with literally and figuratively. Besides, whether you are tangled up in someone’s arm or resting alone, nothing beats a night of wine, lingerie and some relaxation.

  A great lingerie pick for the moment is Hosiery. Hosiery allows us to tap into our seductive sides without risking the cold that comes with exposure. Granted, there are less cold temperatures to worry about in the summer, there are still other great reasons to wear them, for one, Hosiery is also a perfect addition to office wear and make a great accessory for highlighting individual style. While some of us never stopped wearing these great accessories, others probably stick to them on special occasions such as Halloween.

  Regardless of what group you fall into, Fiore Hosiery has released a new collection of fashionably patterned hosiery that is perfect for any weather and I am here to make the shopping process hassle-free!

  A pattern that I personally love is the polka dots. Fiore makes a playful statement with Kim, reminiscent of a more elementary time in our lives. Looking for fun but work with a strict dress code? Try it our Dezire, a bold but professional choice, these tights make for a perfect office chic that hides the polka dot behind a professional line pattern.

Sexy Black Red Lace Stockings Sheer Silky Touch Stockings Bittersweet by Fiore Sexy Looking Suspender Tights Fiore Amour

  Nothing says floral quite like the use of actual floral imagery! Fiore introduces us to a blooming flower surrounded by tiny white dots, aptly named Peony these tights are an ode to nostalgia.

  Speaking of nostalgia, Fiore offers us two trendy versions of the classic fishnet design, with Myrna, a long and bold fishnet cut with wider holes for more daring design and Liza, a seductive fishnet stocking with a floral embroidered band.

If you love Liza, then shop our Scarlet for a red twist!

Still not sure of what to get, or simply looking to play it safe, try three of our stylish opaque hosiery; Vintage features a tiny vintage bow that adds to the semi-opaque design, Amour is a classy but seductive suspender cut tights and Ouvert introduces a spicy and open secret with its open-cut design.

Love our Hosiery? Let us know in the comment section!


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