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Padded Bra’s And Why They Are a Steal!

Padded Bra’s And Why They Are a Steal!

Dear Readers,

  I really hope you are loving the start of the new month. There are many exciting things to come but first, we focus on a neat trick I learned in high school, the ultimate steal. How do we do this? By getting down to the basics of things. Padded Bras.

  Now, over time padded bras have obtained a bad rep, they are seen as unnecessary or forcing women to buy into the idea of being unnaturally proportioned for the wrong reasons. But get this, that is false. As someone with full-body autonomy, every decision you make is fully yours and there are many reasons women love padded bras.

  The Convenience thinks of them like wigs. You get to put them on and have your desired effect and take them off once you get home. This is a great solution for people with smaller chest sizes who like the look of a full cleavage without the additional back pain that comes with bigger busts. This is also the same for women with bigger boobs who simply want to enhance the shape and view of the bust.

Best Balconette Bra Lavinia Lingerie Darling


  The options. Once again, the ease of wearing and removal makes it so that you are able to change visuals as often as you would like, that means you can look a full cup larger today, double that the next, and perky as peach the day after. And isn’t that what Lingerie is all about?

  Another less addressed benefit is structure and support. Padded bras offer more front and waste ratio support, especially for ladies with bigger busts. That’s right, they are not only for ladies with smaller chests.

Feeling the urge to test this out for yourself?

Here are three of my bestsellers:

 Darling by Lavinia, Venice by Rosme and White Love by Lauma.


Love Lavinia

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