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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
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Swimwear Comes to Lavinia

  Its official summertime! You know what that means, sun, bikinis and bottomless mimosa! Summer may not be my favorite season, but it is certainly the one with the most to offer. I think of it as the season of opportunities because the options seem limitless!

  It would not be summer without the cool beaches and pool parties, the overnight ragers and sexy exclusive jacuzzi invitations. All these events make for summers we cannot forget-or in some far more exciting cases-remember. Regardless of what the outcome is, we are certain we will all be getting into some much-needed mischief and adventure.  Something else these events all have in common is the need for swimwear.

  It’s a fact. You cannot have a great summer without the perfect swimsuit collection. Every event requires a certain look and each swimwear offers the best possible options for it to be perfect. It is a good thing we here at Lavinia have got you covered! Here are our latest swimwear releases and the perfect events for them.

  The very standard of summer are beaches, they are large, sandy and provide just enough activity to keep you both quietly and socially entertained. Truly, they are the summer staple getaway. Lauma brings us a sailor’s dream in this blue and red bikini set, Try the Regatta collection for a day out on the beach. As always, Lauma offers an extensive size collection, with an additional extended size being available for the plus size bikini.

  Outgrown the weekly beach flood and looking to enjoy a gathering up your speed? Pool parties are an excellent way to enjoy the heat of summer, the access to water and a group of your peers to enjoy the time with. Nothing says I am that girl like the Beach Party collection. This black and white set is both slimming and seductive.

  Finally, for a more exclusive and titillating jacuzzi experience, bring you’re A-game with the Bella Vista collection from Obsessive. You’ll be the summer experience your date will never forget!

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