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Three Bra types that will have your cleavage looking great

Three Bra Types That Will Have Your Cleavage Looking Great

Hey readers,

  Many of us can own up to the fact that our boobs do not look like the perfect globes we often see on photoshopped and altered media productions. But rather, like all things subject to gravity, they fall. For some women they fall a little deeper or farther apart than others, as a result, it becomes difficult to create a cleavage we like.

  We get hung up on the size of the cleavage, the deep and how full or flat it makes our bust look. These thoughts are why a frequent question lingerie shops and blogs always get are recommendations for bras that will bring out the cleavage and enhance its general look. To accommodate the different styles and trends. Here are three different bra types that will have your cleavage looking great!

Balconette/Balcony Bra:

is a great cleavage molder. Best Balconette Bra @ Lavinia LingerieThese bras create a fuller and rounded view of the bust by exposing the top half while squeezing the breasts together. Our Mia by Lavinia Lingerie and Biscuit by Sawren are great cleavage-bearing balconette bras.

Push up Bra:

Push Up Bra Lace Padded Bra @ Lavinia Lingerie The classic push up bra is the conventional cleavage creator. It works by molding the bust and “pushing” them up to view. While they do not do much by way of rounding the breast, they do allow for a tight and well-sitting view. Great push up picks are Termini by Ajour and Cage by Axami


Plunge Bra:

Deep Plunge Bra by Dominique Brigitte Plunge bras are a fantastic item to have in the closet. Not only because they create a deep cleavage like no other bra, but their deep plunge also allows you to wear a bra beneath a low cut dress or top, without having to worry about the bra showing through. Brigitte by Dominique and Plunge bra by Gossard.



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Dean - March 28, 2020

For well-endowed ladies like my wife who is a 36DDD, the Lace Balcony Bra Rosme Eliza in Black, Red, White work especially well. In addition to the nice lift, and upper reveal from a balcony bra, the Rosme Eliza provides a nice “cleavage separation” rather squeezing breasts together.

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