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5 Classy Color Palettes for a Stunning Wedding Aesthetic

5 Classy Color Palettes for a Stunning Wedding Aesthetic

 In recent years, wedding décor trends have shifted away from specific themes in favor of a more general look and feel. You may take inspiration from something specific, but you’ll then channel that into a broader aesthetic. Your chosen look is simply the décor style of your big day.

 To ensure a flawless wedding aesthetic, you need a carefully curated color palette. This may depend on your and your partner’s personality and tastes, your venue, the time of the year, your dress, or even your bridal lingerie!

 While there is an abundance of wedding color combinations to choose from, we’ve narrowed down our top 5 picks of timeless aesthetics that you and your guests will adore.

 Petal Pink, Cerulean Blue & Mauve

Inspiration: Virginia Bluebells, native to VA.

 Imagine high tea in Riverbend Park in March… Your whimsical wedding décor blends seamlessly into the color explosion of the spring wildflower season.

 This fresh yet sophisticated wedding color palette is the essence of understated elegance. It’s ideal for a daytime wedding outdoors where indigenous plants and flowers are your natural centerpieces and your backdrop is the crystal-clear Virginia sky.

 The greyish-purple hue of mauve mingles with the soft, sweet shade of petal pink to create a sense of serenity and quiet joy. Add a tasteful burst of cerulean to liven up your décor and complement the scenery.

Perfect for:

· Spring or Summer weddings
· Daytime receptions
· Outdoor events
· A whimsical theme

Similar shades: Cornflower blue, sapphire, dusty pink, pastel pink, lavender, and iris.


· Hydrangeas, roses, foxtails, pink fairy orchids, daisies, pink everlasting, and bundled leaf dampiera
· Soft, flowing fabrics like chiffon
· Gold accents and crystal vases

 Burgundy, Beige & Rose Gold

Inspiration: The rich red hues of a glass of fine merlot.

 To warm things up as the weather cools down from around September, apply a bit of color therapy and choose a warming palette of burgundy, beige and rose gold. This classy color scheme is ideal for afternoon weddings in the fall. While the sun is still out, the rich wine-red tones of darker décor elements will be on full display, with the rose gold adding sparkle as twilight descends.

 All the while, beige color notes will bring these elements together and lend a subtly, vintage feel to the affair.

 Perfect for:

· Fall and early winter
· Indoor weddings in the late afternoon
· Highbrow venues such as wine farms and historic estates
· A vintage aesthetic

Similar shades: Wine red, copper, creams, garnet, maroon, and oatmeal.


· Red roses, orchids, fir cones, fir tree cuttings
· Rose gold accents in vases, under plates, serviette rings, or even cutlery
· Plenty of candles and drapery
· Luxurious fabrics like taffeta and organza

 Emerald, Red Garnet & Snowy White

Inspiration: A classy Christmas.

 Since December is one of the chilliest months, a white Christmas wedding is a wonderful theme for this time of year. But this doesn't mean you have to stick to a traditional color palette. There are plenty of festive-themed options that don’t all look the same and that stand out from the rest.

 For your festive winter wedding aesthetic, ditch the bright reds and greens of traditional Christmas décor. Instead, add a touch of class with deep, rich hues like emerald and red garnet offset by suitably snowy white. Incorporating some tartan elements, such as table runners or serviettes, will add to the cozy atmosphere and bring the emerald and garnet tones together beautifully.

Perfect for:

· Winter weddings
· A late afternoon ceremony, with an evening reception
· Indoor wedding venues with ornate décor and a crackling fireplace or two
· An elegant, Christmas theme

Similar shades: Blood red, merlot, jam, lightest cream, darkest crimson, sea green, and shamrock


· Red banksias, scarlet blaze, roses, and red and white carnations
· Copper accents
· Serving eggnog and other Christmas fair
· Warm, textured fabrics like tartan

 Lilac, Pastel Pink & Vintage Yellow

Inspiration: Bridgerton Netflix series.

 Imagine the scene: a crisp spring morning, birds chirping in the trees and dew drops still fresh and sparkling on carpets of pastel flowers, stretching as far as the eye can see. This pastel color palette, straight out of a Jane Austen novel, is perfect for lovers of all things vintage like corsets and croquet.

 Golden yellow accents liven up the overall understated elegance of this Bridgertonesque aesthetic, making it perfect for morning weddings. The soft morning light and pale blue sky will complement the décor just as much as it flatters the bride.

Perfect for:

· Springtime weddings
· Morning receptions
· Outdoor and indoor events
· Tea garden venues
· A romantic theme

Similar shades: Blush, lavender, daffodil, golden yellow, blonde, periwinkle, and orchid.


· Lavender roses, lilacs, pink and peach roses, plenty of pink or white baby’s breath, yellow roses, yellow buttercups, daisies, daffodils, tulips, and hydrangeas · Champagne breakfast or brunch
· An outdoor wedding with a parasol for each guest
· Rosé champagne
· Soft linens and organza

 Burnt Orange, Ochre & Moss Green

Inspiration: Autumn in New York film.

 Allow the color-changing leaves of fall to inspire your bohemian wedding theme. If you’re tying the knot sometime between September and November, this color palette of burnt orange, ochre and moss green is your perfect wedding aesthetic.

Include plenty of fall foliage in your bridal bouquet, buttonholes and centerpieces and use red berries, oranges, or mini pumpkins to complement your color scheme. Persian rugs and scatter cushions can add a Middle Eastern element, with a rich cream base in items like tablecloths lending sophistication to the décor.

Perfect for:

· Fall weddings
· Outdoors or inside a barn on a farm or in a winery cellar
· Late afternoon receptions
· A bohemian theme

Similar shades: Cinnamon, reddish brown, burnt sienna, rust, and forest green.


· Orange everlasting daisies, orange gerberas, orange roses, white lilies, white roses, and eucalyptus
· Serving apple cider as a welcome drink
· Decor incorporating dried leaves of red, orange, and brown
· Plenty of candles and warm-toned fairy lights
· Brass or copper accents

Find Your Favorite

 The color palette you choose for your wedding sets the tone for the entire day. Whether you opt for trendy colors, classic shades, or exotic hues, it’s up to you. Use these ideas as inspiration or follow them to the T—it’s your day to shine! Just don’t forget the matching lingerie

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