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5 Pinterest Boards & Accounts to Follow About Lingerie

Dear Lovelies,

Today I write to you curled up in a blanket. I had been scrolling on my phone as I often do in search of something to do when it hit me. Pinterest. Well, that doesn’t say much now, does it? early on in the year, I had given three easy steps to starting a collection. While those are certainly pro tips, it can be a little harder to build a collection from that. even harder when you have a non-mainstream taste for designs.

Pinterest is a global site I discovered in college through a few friends. It made my life as a community assistant easier but then I realized I could do more than just make boards for residents. I could make boards for next to everything, including lingerie. If you’ve started your collection and are still looking to build on the tips, I have shared these are ten great accounts to follow on Pinterest for more ideas.

  1. Lavinia's Pinterest: We're here to deliver sheer pleasure when shopping for beautiful intimates, 51 boards with over 5800 pins!
  2. The Lingerie and Bra Obsession Board: This particular board is a great find for those who love to thread the lines of raunchy and erotic lingerie without going full in. there are also separate categories available for those with specific interests.
  3. Lingerie: True to its name this board is both delicate and straightforward. The French consider lingerie an art, and no wonder. This board highlights the trim and blush end of the lingerie world, relishing in the beauty of its synonym, delicates.
  4. The Sexiest Board: this is perhaps the only board that is not exclusively about lingerie on the list. With many pairings, this blog is perfect for lingerie outfit inspiration.
  5. Lingerie Passion: Is a definite trip into the many facets of lingerie. The only account on this list manages to cultivate a slew of boards dedicated to the different colors and styles of lingerie and the models that wear them.

Pinterest is a great way to find some otherwise hidden gems or find inspiration to build on your personal taste. Keep those 3 tips in mind, however, to help maintain an organized collection. Explore our new collections for more inspiration.

Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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