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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
Boudoir lingerie

Boudoir Lingerie

  Boudoir photography is considered sensual or erotic photography, it’s a styled form of personal exploration. It is often set in a “boudoir” scene or designed to fit a specific theme the model or photographer has in mind. It often features burlesque or showtime lingerie that is heavy on style and sensuality.

  Now, not everyone is interested in or can afford regular boudoir shoots and while I personally recommend the experience. You do not need a shoot to explore your sensuality or style. Many of our pieces here at Lavinia are designed with sensual expression in mind, after all, isn’t that the heart of lingerie fashion? Or maybe you are curious about a Boudoir shoot but would like a cheaper trial period before going in for the real thing.

  Regardless of your motivation, here are three different ways to style lingerie that would create a perfect boudoir look.


  The 3 set piece: The standard shoot often comes with a 3 set piece but I think its fun to mix different items from various collections I love. Try the Rosme Balcony Bra, its sultry, embroidered and offers just the right amount of push up to create a rounded cleavage view. The Sawren Biscuit Thong Panties are a perfect match to the bra because It lines the hip to enhance the curve while giving a shapely view of the roundness of your butt, adding on the Fiore Glam Stockings create the sultry effect of a satisfied vixen.


  The natural theme: This fit is usually used for a lighter and more delicate theme, most times the model will also use natural or less to no make-up to enhance the pure look. These shoots are usually designed to be more vulnerable and organic. A perfect combination would be Stefi L’s Vanilla Sky Bra and Gorteks Scarlet Powder Panties, pair with the Fiore Justine Stockings.


  The seductive look: This is another go-to look among models and photographers, like the first two its simple and can be inexpensive. A great top for creating sexy looks is to stick to baby dolls and teddys when stating out. Consider the Giftella String Teddy by Obsessive, This electric red number clings to the skin in an alluring manner. The Lilith Chemise by Anais, is another favorite that would keep you feeling both comfortable and sexy. The Sollea Chemise by Anais makes for an easy to was number, with a bra clasp and seductive string knot.


  I hope you like it! Plus, if you’re feeling extra daring, pull out your personal cameras and memorialize the moment.


Love Lavinia

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