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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
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Buying Lingerie Internationally

  Shopping for lingerie can be an exciting and fresh experience for some of us who enjoy the activity of shopping. While it can be a little exhausting for those of us who are less than social butterflies and do not enjoy the hassle of crowds. There are also those of us who work odd hours and are unable to make it to the mall or different stores to get what we need. Which is why it is a fantastic thing to have online shopping.

  One of the bigger benefits of online shopping is its accessibility. Yup. Unless you got a big bank and a ton of disposable income, international shopping is less than a feasible option and probably something we could only physically experience once a year or every other year. This is why online shopping is such a big deal. For instance, here at Lavinia, we partner with many foreign and domestic brands that may not be as easily accessible if our customers wanted to physically shop. Making us a tangible and less stressful option for many of our guests.

  However, shopping online isn’t always hassled free, even with a system as customer-friendly as Lavinia. Things can get further complicated when trying to understand international brands and how they work. In fact, not all our guests are domestically located and so venturing on the site itself may be a whole new and confusing experience. Here are some easy tips to consider when shopping with us!

  Currency, we do great work here at Lavinia of taking note of the location of our shoppers in order to cater to them. This means switching the currency you see prices into the one you are most familiar with. However, not everything is error-proof, and some applications may prevent us from seeing the user location. It's always best to double-check the currency to ensure that you are looking at the accurate rates.

  Sizing, sizing is perhaps one of the biggest reasons for returns, a lot of times these can be because the person buying the lingerie is unsure of the wearers' size or, an equally common scenario is shoppers not realizing that sizes they are looking at are reflective of a different region. Always note the size chart before placing your order in the cart.

  Product description, looking through the product description is key in understanding the material makeup of the product and just how many items you are placing in the cart. For instance, in erotic or revealing clothes, nipple pasties are often used in order to follow search engine guidelines but may not necessarily be included in what you are buying.


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