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Happy holidays! Get it right with Lavinia’s lingerie gift guide

Happy holidays! Get it right with Lavinia’s lingerie gift guide

‘Tis the season to treat the woman in your life to some beautiful lingerie. Here at Lavinia, we’ve made it easy with our no-pressure guide to finding the perfect gift every time.

How to find out her bra size

This isn’t really something you can guess at, so get ready to play the detective. Sneak a peek at her lingerie drawer (or ask her mom/sister/BFF to do it for you) and make a note of the size of her favorite bra. You’ll need both the number (e.g. 34) and the letter (e.g. DDD). When it comes to panties, these are generally sized in Small, Medium, Large, and so on, so you’ll probably have a fair idea of her size already but it doesn’t hurt to check!

Choose our most popular lingerie

Looking for a can’t-go-wrong lingerie gift? We’ll let you in on a little secret. Here at Lavinia, our best-selling styles include sheer bras and balconette bras, so we’d recommend exploring these two popular styles to find a gift she’ll love. A word of caution, though: Make sure you opt for fancy sets over everyday lingerie. A beige t-shirt bra will not make her heart sing; a sheer lace balcony bra and matching panties is a set she’ll be delighted to unwrap. Try our best-selling Lavinia Darling bra and panties for a modern lace set she’ll love.

Treat her to sleepwear


Still can’t get your head around bra sizing? Treat her to some beautiful sleepwear instead. A little more forgiving in terms of sizing, our sleepwear edit at Lavinia includes everything from babydoll sets to sheer slips and nightdresses in pure silk.

Luxe it up a little

The key to successful gifting is this: Treat her to something a little more luxurious than she’d buy for herself. So why not explore collections from some of our favorite luxury brands? Any woman would love to receive sophisticated lingerie by French brand Lise Charmel, a delicate lace creation by Ajour, or Amoralle’s elevated sleepwear that doubles as partywear.

Know where she sits on the sexy lingerie scale

You might love the idea of an open cup bra and crotchless panties, but what are her thoughts? If you know that she loves to be daring, we’ve got plenty of sexy lingerie (and even ultra sexy lingerie) for you to choose from — just make sure there’s no danger of her unwrapping it in front of the rest of the family. If, however, you’re in any doubt at all, we’d advise giving the sexy stuff a miss this year. The last thing you want is to make her uncomfortable.

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