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How to Choose the Most Flattering Lingerie for Your Body Type

How to Choose the Most Flattering Lingerie for Your Body Type

Did you know that the first lingerie appeared in the late 1800s?

Lingerie, unlike regular undergarments, is designed to flatter the female form and elevate a woman’s confidence. It’s a woman’s secret weapon to underscoring her best features with the least effort.

While lingerie is available in a dizzying number of styles, you shouldn’t buy the first babydoll or garter belt you see. Why? Because the best way to buy lingerie for yourself is by understanding what flatters your body type.

There are five main body types—rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle, apple, and hourglass. These categories take into consideration the proportions of a woman’s body regardless of her size. Once you identify your body type, it can help you pick the most flattering lingerie style.

Here’s our guide to choosing lingerie for your body type.

Choosing Lingerie for Your Body Type


A rectangle body shape is one where the shoulders and hips are the same size. The waist sits in proportion to the top and bottom and doesn’t have a prominent tapered appearance. Women with a rectangle body type should choose lingerie that pulls in the waist and accentuates the curves of the hips. They could also use push-up bras to emphasize their bust.

Go-to picks: Camisole, ruffle bustier, corset, push-up brassiere, and sheer robes.

Body Shaper Lauma Perfect Classic


The most identifiable feature of this body type is pronounced hips that are wider than the shoulders and chest. Since the bottom half of the body is heavier than the top, choose lingerie that highlights yet balances your body line, thereby making it look more proportionate.

Go-to picks: Frilly/push-up brassiere, teddy, v-cut panties, garter belt, corset, thongs, lacy babydoll.

Inverted triangle

You’ll get broader shoulders, a fuller bust, and a narrower waist and hips if you flip a triangle upside down. Any lingerie that highlights the natural v-shape of your body or adds curves to tapered areas will flatter your elongated shape and balance your features simultaneously.

Go-to picks: Teddy, lacy panties, satin or sheer brassiere, kimono robe, and bodysuit.

Glossies leopard-print-sheer-molded-bra


This body type’s characteristic features are an ample bust, round mid-section, and curvy hips. Choosing lingerie to highlight your entire form versus focusing on a particular feature is what you should aim for. Go with lingerie with a v-neck to elongate your body line. A bra that lifts and adds length to your torso will help your waist appear slimmer. If you’re not entirely comfortable with something figure-hugging, try a loose babydoll that will accentuate your breasts and flow freely over your mid-section and hips.

Go-to picks: Shapewear, lacy matching sets, bustier, high-waist panties, babydoll, and sheer robes.

Gorteks Calypso



This body type is identified by shoulders that are proportionate to the width of the hips and a waist that is narrow and tapered. Any lingerie will look sexy on this body type. If you do want to add more “oomph,” pick lingerie styles that accentuate the waistline or emphasize your curves.

Go-to picks: Corset, teddy, v-cut panties, garter belt, sheer robes, and thongs.



Most Common Lingerie Styles

Never really tried lingerie before? Unsure of what separates a teddy from a babydoll or a bodysuit or a romper? You’re not alone! 

While it’s true that lingerie options are endless and can often be confusing, there are ways to tell them apart. That said, let’s quickly browse through a few popular lingerie types.


Teddies look similar to swimsuits and offer a flattering fit for any body type. This type of lingerie can have a demure or playful design in different fun fabrics such as mesh, lace, and leather. It’s a great piece of lingerie to invest in that’ll instantly make you feel sexy and bold in your skin.



Bodysuits are similar to teddies with a bralette-style top and a different bottom cut, depending on its function. Bodysuits are meant to be worn under regular clothing. Add a little lace and leather, and your bodysuit can double as lingerie.



Also known as a bra, this supportive piece of lingerie is the holy grail of a woman’s collection of intimates. They’re called different names depending on their style and function. From balconette and stick-on to bandeau and strapless, there are several bra styles for the modern woman to experiment with.

Push-up bra

Push-up bras allow you to go up a few sizes in the easiest way. These bras are designed with padding and a cinched style that lifts the breasts beautifully. This gives the bosom a fuller, well-supported appearance. If you already have a full bust, opt for padded, high coverage bras to accentuate their existing shape.



The once restrictive garment was often used to cinch the waist, giving women a smaller waistline. Today, corsets are comfy lingerie to slip into, allowing women to enjoy a flattering fit in a figure-hugging outfit. Unlike their traditional counterparts, modern corsets can carry flirty, seductive designs. They sit under a woman’s chest and end on her hips to accentuate an elongated figure.


Seamless panties

This must-have piece of lingerie is the answer to every woman’s dilemma of revealing panty lines. Seamless panties allow you to wear fitted, body-hugging leggings, pants, skirts, or dresses without worrying about unsightly seams. The fabric of these panties is thinner and smoother compared to regular underwear.


Garter belt

A garter or suspender belt is designed with hanging clips that attach to a pair of stockings or knee-high socks. The material used is lighter and delicate such as lace or satin. Garter belts are a great piece of lingerie for those who want to draw attention to a slimmer waist. They’re a saucy option for sexy escapades in the bedroom.


Sheer robes

Sheer robes can either be short, mid-length, or long. They offer a great way to cover up indoors without slipping into a stuffy pair of pajamas. These robes also let you confidently flaunt a sexy bra and panty set for the ultimate tease.


Shapewear smoothens the contours of your body, making it appear taut and curvy under your clothes. This type of lingerie is a godsend for women who are insecure about rounder areas of their bodies. They’re also ideal for those who enjoy wearing figure-hugging outfits. It’s also a great alternative to seamless bras and panties.


Lingerie has the power to make women feel great inside and out. And if you’ve been unhappy with your purchases so far, use the above guide and become a pro at picking the most flattering lingerie for your body type. It will help you curate a closet full of your favorite pieces that you can comfortably wear from sunup to sundown. Happy lingerie-ing!

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