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Lauma Lingerie: Bras & Panties Reflecting Femininity

Lauma Lingerie: Bras & Panties Reflecting Femininity

About Lauma Lingerie

It commences and finishes up with femininity, comfort and beauty. Basic, sports and exclusive editions by Lauma Lingerie have been trending in Baltics, Scandinavia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Balkans and Russia markets for a while now. It is lingerie classics in a wide sense: made of quality fabrics, it sustains an elegant design and is offered at an attractive price. Therefore, Lauma is the biggest underwear manufacturer in Baltics since 2005, producing bras, panties, corsets, bodies and nightwear. Lauma is present in the market with its two design lines: one is for women, known as Lauma Lingerie, and another one is for modern young adults, known as Laumelle.

Lauma states that feeling attractive is eternal and fundamental for every woman and that lingerie is a key to make each female feel so.

We, women, all love intimacy: open conversations, secret smiles, flowers gifted without an occasion, and of course, the most intimate is something we wear close to ourselves all day long: lingerie. It’s like our second skin which means it must be good. Lauma is producing underwear made from cotton, quality lace and elastane, suitable for different lines and shapes of women body.

Sexy Animal Print Lauma Lingerie

2017 fall/autumn news

Lauma collections vary from sports activities to romantic occasions with a wide selection of models, fabrics and colors.

The latest Lauma collection for 2017 fall/winter welcomes us with topnotch classics: secret black, innocent rose and bourbon colors, decorated with petty lace and ornaments of dark roses. Lingerie sets are presented in imperial look, devoted to every elegant woman.

Lauma also introduces us to activewear line: tank tops, leggings, shorts and sports bras. All items in activewear are in blended up colors: varying pink tones, energizing green and blue, constrained by black seams.

Lauma everyday collection

Besides premium and active editions, Lauma will always be popular by its basic lingerie sets, since it is something unavoidable for every woman. Casual bras and panties set, which are light as the morning dew, beautiful by its simplicity and undeniably comfortable. Lauma basic collection is exquisite in humble lace and charming classics combinations.

We do not stop here. Lauma Lingerie has something else to offer, and it is hosiery. This production line includes distinctive in style tights, stockings, half-long and short socks.

Where to shop?

Modern, attractive and quality lingerie made Lauma production one of the top choices for women. Some might say it is also one of the most romantic gifts for a woman, helping to find out her partner’s guts.

Lauma Lingerie reflects femininity as it is: controversial, impulsive, sometimes innocent and sometimes wild, yet, always good to disclose. Thankfully, Lauma is here to combine all of these in its products, introducing to a lingerie kingdom, full of different styles, colors and fabrics.  

Lauma Lingerie can be purchased at the online store @ Lavinia Lingerie!

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