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Lingerie 101: Seamless Panties

  Today we are going to be talking about one of my all time favorite kinds of lingerie. I first got into them about two years ago and it has honestly been such a game changer for me. You guessed it from the title, Seamless Panties

  It all started when I scrolled through a list of lingerie looking for what looked most comfortable, I work from home most days and I got so used to relaxing in the nude that when I needed to get back in the office I found myself forgoing the use of panties. This was all well and good but nudity does not go well with jeans or trousers. So, there I was doing my best to find the panties that would save me from constant irritability. Then I saw them, they looked so simple and soft on the screen I bought five! From their arrival up until now, I have added five more pieces to the set, and I am loving it!

  So, what are seamless panties? These are simply panties that are designed to be made with no visible seams. Due to their production process they are often soft, making them one of the more comfortable panties out there. They are also great for wearing tight fitted clothes, as they often do not leave a print through clothes.

  Many people assume that due to their design they cannot come in more seductive or sophisticated designs, which is false. Here are a few of my favorite seamless panties.

  Apesanteur by Lise Charmel: This is one of my favorite releases from the brand. This High waist panty is the perfect body con lingerie, with a sensuous design and tight fitted soft tulle, this panty ranks high on my recommendation list. Available in size S to 3XL.

  Conturelle Seamless Tanga: these are seamless panties from collection Solid by Felina's luxurious line Conturelle. Fashion look with invisible laser-cut, seamless edges. A reliable choice for everyday wears to give you perfect confidence. 

  Victoria by Lisca: brings a more classic view on the seamless panties, with nude tones to blend in over revealing outfits.

Love these? Here are few more to die for! Seamless laser cut panties.

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