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Sexy String Crotchless Panty Lingerie

Lingerie Hacks: Thongs

  Thongs are thin lined panties that are often triangular-shaped and hold no coverage material. If you’ve ever been around women or dipped into a lingerie discussion, then you have likely heard about one or more kinds of thongs. There are actually three main kinds, the G-string, the classical thong and the tanga/samba.

Sexy G-String Panty Bridal Lingerie   The G-string is perhaps the most common the thong panty in mainstream media, not because it outsells the other types but mainly because it is the design that comes to mind when thinking of the thong. It has a narrow-typically elastic waistband, a thin line that cuts the cervix of the button known as the “G-string” and a triangular patch material in the front. Try Wolbar Maracca.

Semi Sheer Lace Low Rise Thong Panty Plus Size Bridal Lingerie  The classical design is the traditional design that was first introduced. It offers a full-frontal coverage and a less narrow waistband and slit at the back. Try Pamela thongs by Gorteks.

  The tanga/samba thong is a thong variation of the traditional bikini panty. The fabric is usually light but not as narrow as he other designs. It also has a thin line that runs in while leaving most of the butt exposed. Try Laumelle’s Kiss.

  So why would anyone want to wear a thong? Well, the great thing about thongs is how easy they are to put on, how comfortable they can be when worn and the print-free look they give when we were trousers and fitted dresses.

  Can you sleep in a thong? Yes, but like any underwear, it is not advisable to do so. The vagina needs air to breathe, the night-time is perfect for this.

  Is there an age limit? No, age has nothing to do with who can or cannot wear a thong.

  Are they always uncomfortable? No. One top benefit of wearing a thong is the comfort it allows due to the scarcity of material. Therefore, choosing the type of material can be really important for comfort and health reasons.

  Loving the idea of thongs, try some of my personal recommendations; Scarlet by Gorteks, Adagio by Ajour and Courreges by Ajour.

Love Lavinia, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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