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Sexy Sheer Lingerie for Lingerie Party

Lingerie Parties and What you’re Missing Out On

Dear Lovelies,

It's me again, Lavinia. As always, your pleasure is of utmost importance to me which means, I come bringing only the best information to you. Today, we explore a different world of fantasy that comes to life, and the sexual and sensual liberation that comes with lingerie. Lingerie Parties.

Lingerie parties are simply as the name suggests, parties where people wear lingerie. They started out in the early 70’s when companies would host a few ladies to a get-together, one of the women would serve as a hostess for the event and the salesperson would show up and offer them a variety of lingerie options to wear and of course, buy. There would be drinks, laughter and prices, sort of like a Tupperware party but for lingerie. Over time this evolved, and many women started hosting these parties for the bachelorette party night, leading to more risqué annotations. Before long, it took on a name for itself and branched out.

Now, there are different kinds of lingerie parties, the ones we will be focusing on today are the two major kinds; adult entertainment parties, and the sales meet the party. We have pretty much covered the sales meet parties. Adult entertainment parties are risqué parties were attendees dress up in lingerie and dance to music, there are several levels to this as the name suggests, more erotic acts are not uncommon in events like this and are often welcome.

Both parties are fun and memorable for all the people involved, whether its playing games and winning lingerie as a price, or it is grinding up against a stranger while both of you wear lingerie and music blasts through the stereo, you are bound to walk away feeling rejuvenated and if you are lucky, just a little turned on.

Sexy Sheer Bra, String Panty, Garter Belt, Black Lingerie Set Invited to a lingerie party? Here are three risqué pairs to make sure you are the stunner of the night; Sheer Mesh Embroidered Bra Kinga Rosie, Semi-Sheer Soft Cup Lace Bra Kinga Madeleine, and Sheer Mesh Lace Garter Belt Lavinia Darling.


Love, Lavinia Lingerie


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