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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
Luxury Amoralle Nightwear Lingerie

Luxury Lingerie

Luxury lingerie like most luxury items is a fixture for some and a splurge for others. You may ask yourself what the big deal is, or why it would even be worth an occasional buy. Well. Luxury items often mean exclusive or limited, in one production form or the other.

It could be the material, the item itself or the design. Luxury is essentially a step ahead. Now, that doesn’t mean other types of lingerie are lacking in any way. It simply means that an aspect of production is more costly than regular means. For instance, whereas most companies use machines for quicker and cost-effective work, some luxury brands are hand sewn to reduce the error margin which directly results in less total production and higher production cost and by default, higher pricing.

 Here at Lavinia, we believe in providing the best at the most affordable price range. That doesn’t mean we don’t offer luxury. We just make sure that all our guests feel like they are able to not only afford what they need but also splurge on the occasional design. Here are a few designs to splurge on this season.

Sexy Sheer Coquettish Tunic Amoralle Coquettish Tunic by Amoralle – This tunic is an embroidered sheer lace and tulle number crafted and cut for comfort and sex appeal.

Reve Andalou by Antinea Lise Charmel – “Andalusian dream” this handwoven sheer lace high-waist panty gives the illusion of a thinner waist.

Allegro by Ajour – this sheer lace bra is unwired and captivating in its promising red.

Courbes Personnes by Antinea Lise Charmel – this wired demi cup bra is both cleavages complimenting and captivating in its sky blue and embroidered flower design.

Evasion Beaute by Antinea Lise Charmel – Another enchanting design from the French brand. White demi bra with pink petals makes a flirtatious blend.

Sheer Half Cup Bra Aubade Jardin Des Delices Jardin de Delices by Aubade – this white floral embroider demi bra is the perfect bridal lingerie. With fitted underwires, double adjustable straps knotted by Korean bows, and contoured lace.

Lolita by Ajour – A fan favorite, this sheer lace embroidered nightgown is perfect for any girl with a taste for excellence.

Happy Splurging!


Love, Lavinia Lingerie


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