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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
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Make a Friend Day - February 11

Hey Darlings,

Today is Make a Friend Day! Of course, friendships mean different things to different people. For some, the word friendship is interchangeable with family, for others its equally important but different, and there are those with whom it carries far less weight. 

So, why am I speaking so cryptically, well? I figured we could all use a little fun and shaking up in our lives. It's about that time when things feel a little less hopeful than they did in January and with the dawn of a new decade, realizing not much has changed isn’t always a positive feeling. So, what did I have in mind to shake things up? Confidence.

You read right, confidence. I am imploring us all-myself included to reach out and make a fun decision. How? Simple, put yourself out there. Lingerie is all about being confident and I want us all wearing our best fits when we approach, the person we’ve been dying to befriend. You know its true, whether it’s a platonic friendship or one with sexual benefits, I am a great fan of being as confident in our decisions as in our looks. That means reaching out and putting your thoughts out there. Now, their reaction is never a guarantee, but it always feels better to know you made an attempt rather than did nothing. 

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Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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