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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
Must Have Lingerie - Biscuit by Sawren

March Picks of Must Have Lingerie!


  Hello my friends and lovely readers. March is in full swing and we can’t help but hook our favorite people up with what I consider to be some well-deserved Lingerie sets. 2020 has started the new decade off with a great start for inspired looks and fits and you know what I love the most? You guessed it, Lingerie.

  In honor of my love for lingerie and the start of a great month, I have compiled a list of ten lingerie items you can’t afford to skip out on in your closet. Trust me your significant other will thank you.

  Biscuit Bra by Sawren: This sheer bra with pretty bow flowered embroidery is the perfect bra for a fun night. Not only does it offer to support its also tastefully teasing.

  Patrice Brief by Vova: Vova’s newest collection, Patrice introduces us to the perfect cream color. The cut and seam blend flawlessly to contour and accentuate the butt. You can get the whole collection now for just $85!

  Bittersweet Stockings by Fiore: Fiore makes a daring introduction with this pink band and a translucent black blend of seduction.

  Eliza-black Panty by Rosme: The Eliza collection is back and better than ever in black.

  Natty Nightdress by Amoralle: You can’t spell Luxury without Amoralle. And Natty is no different. Sleek black and sheer lace designed to make you feel as great as you look.

  Edith Stockings by Fiore: Classic and seductive with a detailed embroidered band, Edith is a great addition for anyone who likes to explore the duality of lingerie. Great for a professional look and spice up the bedroom.

  Sollea Chemise by Anais: Sexy and provocative is right up Anais’s alley and Sollea does not disappoint. Center yourself and splurge on a look that prioritizes efficiency and seduction. 

  Saphire Bra by Rosme: The Kamilla bra makes an exceptional buy with its low-cut cleavage and admirable plunge. Making it a great bra for deep and wide cut tops and dresses.

  Darling bra by Lavinia: Our very own rendition of the black balconette bra features detailed embroidery, strong support, and a deep plunge that emphasize the cleavage.

Love Lavinia

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