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The Right Bra for your Dress

Hey Darlings,

  Today we discuss something that weighs on all our minds. It is true, this might be the one thing that takes surprisingly longer than makeup to figure out on a night out. Worse, when we wait to long to do so, we sometimes just go without. Yes, I am talking about the right bra.

  Selecting the right bra to go with an outfit can be a crucial and time-consuming practice, especially when you are dressing for a date or social gathering. Most ladies can attest to having one or two everyday bras that work fine with work and leisure clothes. However, those often do not go well with special occasion clothing and while bras can certainly be done without, we often feel more comfortable when wearing them, which makes the process of selecting the right one an even more stressful process.

So here are a few necessary bras to have.

  Deep Plunge Bras; these bras are very great to have in a collection because they make deep and wide plunge dresses and tops far more accessible. Say goodbye to the snarky peeping view of your bra ark that keeps distracting from your cleavage! Try Flame by Lavinia and Talia by Dominique.

  Sheer Bras; sheer bras are a fantastic way to explore your sexuality with clothes, I highly recommend Glossies by Gossard, which also comes in nude tones to match your skin tone. Making it the perfect bra for a dress with long and open design cuts. Afraid of revealing your nipples? Try our pasties.

Sexy Sheer Mesh Molded Bra Gossard Glossies

  Strapless Bras; strapless bras are great for shoulder, thin, and strapless dresses. Now you don’t have to worry about sticking or twisting the strap of your bra to create the right look. Oceane by Dominique is a perfect nude bodycon material that offers support and flexibility, While Paige by Dominique is perfect for those who are also looking to trim inches from their sides.  

Hope you love these picks.

Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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