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10 Insightful Quotes About Lingerie.

Hello Lovelies,

There are a number of great things about lingerie and the way it makes us feel. Certainly not only can a good piece or set create an enthralling look but can also inspire a number of great art. We at Lavinia could certainly spend all day telling you how we feel, and we have.

However, we thought it best to amp it up a bit. Here are 10 Insightful Quotes about lingerie and links to pieces we feel represent them;


  • “I think lingerie plays a big part in how you carry yourself.” - Nicole Richie; Arlett by Anais:

Arlett by Anais

  • “Wearing nice lingerie makes me feel really glamorous. I love to splurge on that.” - Fergie; Emotion by Lisca.

Emotion by Lisca

  • “I think I feel most sexy when I have a matching lingerie set underneath what I'm wearing. I know what's going on and no one else does.” - Italia Ricci; Desire by Rosme.

Desire by Rosme

Fleurt Babydoll

  • “Lingerie is my next love after clothing; I think it is what is worn underneath that really inspires a woman to feel beautiful in her clothes - that inner, secret glamour.”  - Alice Temperley; Glossies by Gossard.

Gossard Glossies

  • “I love the whole lingerie outfit - you know, thigh-high tights and garters.” -Jodi Lyn O'Keefe; Elegy by Ajour.

Ajour Elegy

  • “Well, when I was fifteen years old, I worked in a lingerie store and that's how I feel in love with vintage lingerie because I wanted to know the history of it.” - Dita Von Teese; Darling by Lavinia.

Darling by Lavinia Lingerie

  • “I love to wear lingerie. The problem is that men always rip it off too quickly. When women are dolled up in lingerie, they feel sexy. So, let us wear it for five minutes.” - Karen McDougal; Euphoria  by Lisca.

Euphoria by Lisca

  • “I collect underwear from my travels. Lace, lingerie, bodysuits... they're like souvenirs.” - Miranda Kerr; Tierra by Anais.

Tierra by Anais 

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