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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
5 questions to ask before buying lingerie

5 questions to ask before buying lingerie

Hello Lovelies,

It’s Christmas time and with that comes the end of the year itch to update our closets. As a self-proclaimed victim of the lingerie bug, I can’t help but reach out to my similarly afflicted. You see; In the frenzy of shopping, there are certain mistakes we tend to make, like not asking the right questions. While this might seem light enough and most of us manage to make do with the result of our error, imagine how much better the outcome and our satisfaction would be if we simply avoided making those mistakes.

ruth is, this isn’t a problem faced solely by first-time shoppers, these questions seem so basic that most of us rarely ever remember to ask them, and yet they can make a world of a difference in how satisfied we are with our purchase. Some of these questions can be directed at a representative, and others can be answered by ourselves. Here at Lavinia, we are invested in our customers getting the best possible outcome and have compiled a list of 5 questions to ask before buying lingerie. Some of these questions can also be applied when buying other clothing items.

What is your return policy?

Knowing and understanding the return policy of a company is integral to having the best possible outcome. This ensures that returns and exchanges are a hassle-free process.

Where is your sizing chart?

Sizing charts are an ever-changing outline we need to continuously stay cautious of, especially when shopping for items like lingerie that may have stricter return policies.

What are the Materials in the item?

Not only is this great for general allergy concerns but this is an awesome question that most people look over. The material of an item can explain the shelf life, price range, and styling choice. All important indicators to consider when shopping for any item.

What are the care tips?

Yes, the fabled law of what you treat well will indeed treat you well makes an appearance here. While there are basic rules for caring for lingerie, depending on the material and design of the item, some companies have unique or extra steps added to the care tips.

Do you offer gift cards?

This is more so a tip for the newer enthusiasts. As with the season of giving comes a bevy of promotional options, the easiest and often running being the gift card. So, gift yourself or a loved one of our special gift cards today!

Here are some of my Lavinia picks to make shopping easier:

Bridal Padded Balconette Bra Lauma White LoveWhite Love by Lauma

Donatella by Lauma LingerieDonatella by Lauma

Dominique Intimates Strapless Bra Everyday Multi WearBrigitte Black by Dominique

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