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5 Things We Secretly Hate About Lingerie

5 Things We Secretly Hate About Lingerie

Hey Lovelies,

Sigh. Yes, the inevitable moment of truth has arrived, and we are forced to accept that, *takes in breath*, lingerie may not be as perfect as we think it is. *gasps*. Perhaps it is the Christmas season and I, like you, my darlings need making the good list this year. In order to do so I must first confess all my transgressions, least favorite they are accepting that my bosom habit and friend, lingerie may not be as perfect as I have let on, oh my!

Today's blog is a look at five things we hate about lingerie, believe it or not, I myself sometimes avoid my precious items in lieu of going in my birthday suit. Of course, however, in true fashion, what kind of lover would I be if I didn’t link some undeniably stunning substitutes that are too good to hate!

  1. The underwire. As all bra wearers can attest the very idea of an underwire can make your back hurt. Very ironic considering that’s the opposite of what it's designed to do. Try more comfortable support by switching out bras every few days with a band or underwire less bra; Java by Sawren and White Love by Lauma.
  2. Sure, these may be men’s favorite piece, the way it rests between the butt and elevates the roundness cannot be understated but thongs happen to be one of the most uncomfortable pieces out there. While some argue that it's perfect, others do not share the sentiment. For those of use who rather wear some comfortable briefs; Darling by Lavinia and Fleurette by Rosme.
  3. Lace is sexy, sheer and just the perfect material to add to every lingerie collection. Well, that is, for some of us. For others, its an itchy and hard to manage the material. this can make shopping for a robe quite annoying. Good thing we have you covered; Celestine Robe by Lauma and Indiana by Ajour.
  4. “Too tight”. Undoubtedly most of what can be found wrong with this is the misconception that all lingerie has to be tight, which is then responsible for a large number of those who buy a size or two too small. However, there are some of us, who simply enjoy more room in our lingerie but a size larger is plain unflattering. If you’re as mentioned try out our, Boudoir Glamour by Montelle and Eminent Night Dress by Amoralle.
  5. “Too expensive.” Lingerie is without question one of the more pricy clothing items. Its no wonder so many people shy away from it due to cost. We at Lavinia want what’s best for our customers and offer a competitive rate because we believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank to look good. Mistress by Lavinia and Eye Lash By Oh La La Cheri.

Can you relate to any of these?

Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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