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7 Lingerie Must-haves in Your Winter Wardrobe

7 Lingerie Must-haves in Your Winter Wardrobe

7 Lingerie Must-haves in Your Winter Wardrobe

It may be getting chilly outside but that doesn’t mean that our winter lingerie collections should likewise be dismal. On the contrary, it’s more important than ever to keep the lingerie we own updated and ready for the upcoming season.

Swap in pieces that don’t work anymore. Buy new ones. Rethink pieces you may have overlooked before but may get some use out of now.

To help you out, here are seven lingerie must-haves to consider for your closet and your body...


Winter Lingerie Must-haves for Every Body

Heat things up in the bedroom while feeling more confident and beautiful inside and out. If you don’t have these pieces already, think about adding them to your personal collection:

Matching Sets

Swap unflattering lingerie for matching sets that exude confidence and match your sense of taste. Choose sets that spark mystery and fun in delightful colors such as smoldering jade, demure sage, perky yellow, and fiery red.

Pair these matching sets with sheer robes for a steamier combo that will make warm nights in a frequent indulgence.


Trade your run-of-the-mill leggings for flaunt-worthy stockings that will accentuate your legs and complement your outfit. You can pair chunky knit dresses, leather pencil skirts, corduroy rompers, and oversized sweater dresses with a pair of funky, delicate, or bold stockings.

From sheer, lace, and fishnet stockings, the possibilities are endless.

Boyshorts or Hipsters

When more fabric equals more comfort, boyshorts and hipsters are perfect for cooler weather. Swap your plain-Jane underwear for sultry panties with lace trim, sheer panels, mesh embroidery, and cheeky cuts that will leave you feeling more confident and beautiful.

While summer means sweaty thighs and possible irritation, winter translates to comfier lingerie that feels great against the skin. Pair boyshorts or hipsters with a matching brassiere and you’re good to go!

Corsets and Bustiers

Channel your femme fatale by donning a corset or bustier to enhance your bosom, cleavage, and confidence. This type of lingerie is perfect for those with narrower waists and curvy hips.

Corsets and bustiers elongate the torso, creating the illusion of a streamlined waist and a shapely midsection. Pair them with a pencil skirt, straight-fit jeans, or cigarette trousers, and throw on an oversized blazer to complete your boss babe look.


Snug and designed to hug all the right curves, shapewear is revolutionary lingerie that women should stock up on. Shapewear lets you wear figure-hugging outfits without worrying about visible panty seams or bra wires. Whether short, long, or high-cut, shapewear comes in different styles that make them wearable beneath different types of outfits.

Teddy or Bodysuit

A teddy usually features a lacy swimsuit-style or sheer design and fits discreetly under most outfits. We love pairing it with high-waist trousers, jeans, or skirts to create a sensual yet smart style.

Bodysuits are longer and can be just as sexy as teddies. They usually sport heavier designs and long sleeves. Whichever style you gravitate towards, these body-fitting numbers are a great way to layer clothes while generating some serious heat in the bedroom.

Edgy and On-trend Lingerie Sets

A timeless slip, sheer maxi nightdress, princess lace nightdress, and provocative matching sets are best kept for special moments. Unleash your inner vixen by sporting an edgy yet dainty selection of lingerie that will turn up the temperature.

There’s no better way to feel sexy and alive in your skin than by investing in luxurious lingerie. Experiment with styles you’ve never tried before and you’ll quickly wonder why you waited so long.


How to Revive Your Lingerie Collection

Choosing the right intimates is a fun indulgence but can be challenging for first-timers. When shopping for lingerie, keep these timeless tips in mind to ensure you’re satisfied with the stash you bring home.

Size Matters

It’s worth the time and energy to find lingerie that fits you well. Avoid guessing what your size is and don’t settle for anything that appears to fit but is really not the right size.

To find out if the lingerie you’ve been eyeing is right for your body type, visit a store with professional staff that can help. They’re equipped to help you gauge if a particular brassiere, pair of panties, bodysuit, or nightdress creates a flattering fit or not.

Once you know your size, you’ll be able to comfortably shop, whether in person or online, for styles that best suit your body type. Alternatively, you can also measure yourself to find a style that fits like a dream.

Be Honest With Yourself

We often get caught up with how gorgeous lingerie looks that we don’t stop to consider how it feels when we try it on. First-timers should visit their nearest lingerie store and try on a few styles before committing to any piece.

Before heading for the cash register, ask yourself if the lingerie you’re considering feels good when worn and fits as well as you hoped. Observe how the fabric feels across your skin and how your body looks from different angles. If you’re buying lingerie that you’ll be wearing underneath your regular clothes, slip your clothes over it to see how it feels.

Lingerie should feel like a second skin. It shouldn’t cut into your sides or folds or make you feel conscious or uncomfortable. If it does, say no and put it back.

Consider the Season

If you’re buying for winter, then it’s the perfect opportunity to layer clothes underneath like teddies, bodysuits, and stockings. You can opt for thicker heavier material to help keep you warm while staying sexy underneath.

On the other hand, summer needs lighter and more breathable fabrics to keep you cool and help regulate your temperature.

Always consider the season you’re buying lingerie for before purchasing.


Parting Words

Ultimately, lingerie should look good on you and make you feel great about your fabulous figure. Take the time to understand your body, measurements, and needs to make sure you stock up on pieces that you’ll want to wear for a long time.

Update your lingerie collection from home by visiting Lavinia Lingerie, an online retailer selling beautiful, unique, and high-quality intimates. Be inspired by their wide array of designs and lingerie types, including bridal lingerie and pieces that come in plus sizes.

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