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Fiore Hosiery Risk

Accessory of The Month: Hosiery

Hey Darlings,

  Nothing quite like the dawn of spring to have us in the best moods. I am one of those people who simply love every season, I can’t truly say I prefer any, reason being I get to experiment with different looks based on the season. Sure, you can argue that I can do that regardless of season, but what you are likely forgetting is that each season provides an excuse for failed looks, i.e the faux fur or knee-high boots, where to keep me covered, etc. In this vein, I thought about what to feature in this month’s edition of Accessory of the Month. Then it hit me, what says spring better than hosiery.

  Now, stay with me for a moment. Spring is the time of year that is most similar to dawn, we are leaving the colder nights and sauntering into the brightness of day. It’s the early morning mix of the cold and sun. because of this dressing is often an uphill battle because it is sunnier and brighter outside but barely less cold than it was in the winter. That means we can’t dress as dark thanks to the sun but also can’t be too risqué in the cold. At this moment, we introduce our middle ground friend, Hosiery.

  Hosiery allows us to tap into our seductive sides without risking the cold that comes with exposure. Tights are the tasteful tease that keeps you hooked, a staple of the sexy nurse, teacher or bunny costume. While stockings are a perfect addition to office wear. Whether you prefer the darker or more sheer end of the spectrum these bad boys are a force to be reckoned with in the world of lingerie.

  Here at Lavinia, we know how important the right Hosiery is in shaping your look, here are 3 of our favorites from the latest Fiore release.

  Classic Sheer Hold Stockings: Sexy and practical, these stockings make for the perfect office outfit accessory thanks to the strong grip of the material of the band.

  Sensuous Fishnet Stockings: These fishnets are the perfect addition to your Friday night outfit.

  Vintage Bow Semi Opaque Tights:  One of my favorites in the latest Fiore collection has to be the semi-opaque tights. With opaque gradients, a wavy transition and tiny vintage bow signature, these tights are perfect for all occasions.

Remember, to tell us how much you loved our picks!

Love Lavinia

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