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Sexy Sheer Babydoll Black Lingerie

Sexy Lilith, Pearl & Lula by Anais Lingerie

  Another long-awaited lingerie review makes its mark on the site. Although I will say out of all my reviews this is perhaps the one, I had the most fun working with because they are so sexy and erotic. It really gave me a chance to explore the more risqué end of lingerie.

  This review will be highlighting the latest April releases from one of our partner brands, Anais. Without further ado, let’s get started!

  I will start by delving into Pearl by Anais, This pretty crystal colored gem is the perfect addition to your lingerie accessory collection. A rounded breast pasty with a soft dripping gold tassel. Anais once again proves why they are the best at what they do. The fun thing about this is that its reusable and the adhesive is an anti-allergic metal alloy which means it's designed with customer safety. Sexy, cheeky and playful. It may, however, prove a little tricky on the initial application. 4.5 stars!

  The first release to preview the others, Lula by Anais makes a daring argument for those of us who love our chemises. The delicate slits make for easier and more comfortable wear with pants. Deep V neckline and tulle and lace material and satin lacings on the sides make for a babydoll-esque design. It also comes with a complimentary thong panty. However, advisement is for a size larger making it not so plus-size friendly with sizes ending in 3XL. 4 stars.

Sexy Open Cup Babydoll Black Lingerie

  The yin to the yang of Pearl, Lilith by Anais is the hot topic on the April release. A sexy sheer chemise with the teasing plunge and open cleavage, the body design is coquette inspired with frills and strips to match. This nightdress is perfect for spicing up the bedroom. While it comes with advisement to purchase a larger size, it is made with mega elastic material. 4.5 stars!

  Although sizing remains a query Anais April release promises a new and bolder image. While also expanding on their previous sizing limits. 

Hope you enjoyed this review, leave a comment below!


Love Lavinia

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