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Are Granny Panties Making a Comeback

Are Granny Panties Making a Comeback

High waist brief panties or as they are more popularly known, Granny Panties are perhaps the most controversial panties on the market. At first sight, it is a wonder why this plane janes are considered controversial at all but on further inspection, it becomes quite clear, if a little amusing.

Granny panties were one of the original panties designs available to women and became a buzz in the 50’s and 60’s and slowly died out with the introduction of lower cut panties and over the decades, thongs. Over time they were tag as you know, panties your grandma wore because, in actuality, they were. They were the panties of a different generation. And although some mothers would still buy them for their teenage daughters, they were, for the most part, fading out.

Then in the late 90’s these bad boys started making an uncanny comeback, by the late 2010’s the high waist brief, or granny panties were officially back in business. So, what is the big deal about these panties? Truthfully, nothing. They are simply high waist briefs, extremely comfortable and flattering. However, at the time they were fading out, women were leaning towards more daring designs which lead to associating high-waist briefs as the antithesis to sexy.

Now, however, they are being re-introduced with new stylings, cuts and materials, leading to several questions all basically centered on whether or not these plane janes could possibly be considered sexy. Well here at Lavinia, we believe the design is what matters. Which means, our answer is yes!

Here are five sexy takes on the High-waist briefs.

High Waist Brief Panty Navy Blue Lace Lingerie Lauma Navy High Waist Panty- Lauma introduces a striped detail on this modern take of the traditional high waist brief.

Sexy Red High Waist Brief Panties Vintage Styled Plus Size Lingerie Si by Sawren- Sawren goes traditional with this sexy red lace number. With inches seamed and stitched at the mid-riff panty is a must-have.

Best Balconette Bra & Sexy High Waist Brief Lavinia Lingerie Darling Collection Darling by Lavinia – with our latest collection Lavinia introduces a vintage sheer lace cut high waist panty with embroidery.

Soft High Waist Brief Panty Lace Trim Plus Size Purple Lingerie Luiza by Vova – this enchanting plus-size design is an embroidered statement with a bow at the top center.

Sexy SHeer High Waist Brief Plus Size Panty Lavinia Lingerie Mia Mia by Lavinia – Lavinia highlights the seductive mix of plush cotton and sheer lace material in this modern look at a vintage design. With embroidery and sheer lace at the side panels and backside, and cotton control material in front, this design is electric and complimentary.


Love, Lavinia Lingerie


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