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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
Sexy Harness Bra & G-String Panty Black Lingerie Set

Delici by Anais Lingerie

  Anais introduces us to the world of bondage and excitement with two erotic numbers this summer. The Delici is being one of them. The piece is an extraordinary design that both carves and enhances the right parts of the body, making it so that your partner is quite literally coated in erotic strings.

Sexy Harness Bra & G-String Panty Black Lingerie Set With elastic rubber strings that carve the breast and firmly grip the ends, helping to provide both support and a focus display on your rounded globes. The top piece forms a glistening harness that sets you up for the perfect BDSM look.

  With a slim cut thong that bares a naked backside and covers the perfect triangle patch, the bottom piece follows the top with a daring and exciting peak view of the female body. A seductive and enchanting cut piece in the front, made with soft rubber strings that interlock with a metal ring and mimics the harness bra  

  My favorite thing about the piece is how well constructed it is. The rubber string bands are designed in a way that fits against the skin without leaving evidence marks or causing irritation. There are also tiny fastener pieces placed in a stylish manner across the strings that allow you to adjust the bra to your size and comfort while minimizing the material cover.

  Some of us are a little shy, consider ordering some of our exciting pasties, not only do they add to the look but they can help you feel a little less exposed. Looking for the pasties in the image? You’re in Luck; Try our Essena Pasties by Anais for full nipple coverage!

This piece makes for the perfect naughty night to experience lust and fantasy with your partner. Whether you gift it to yourself or your partner, you are guaranteed a night you will not forget.

Available in sizes S/M, L/XL and XXL/XXXL!

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