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FAQ: Is It Okay To Sleep In a Bra?

Dear Readers,

  In today's version of frequently asked questions, we address a pressing question on everyone’s mind. Is it okay to sleep in a bra?

  This is a pretty well-debated question for many reasons, some people believe it may either have health benefits or endanger health, others argue on the matter of comfort or ease. To make sure we address most of the pressing issues we are going to tackle them in order.

Let's get down to the crux of it? Is sleeping with a Bra bad for your health?

  For the most part? No. Especially if it is a wireless bra. The reason for his misunderstanding is the force underwires apply to the rib cage to offer support, this is fine when you are standing or sitting but may inhibit breathing and general blood circulation when laying down. Another reason why it may be considered unhealthy is the germs that will likely stick to it, this, however, is only an argument for those who wear the same bra they use in the day to bed.

Is wearing a Bra uncomfortable?

  Well, that’s relative, but most people answer yes to this. Again, this comes from the material of bras, with or without an underwire are not designed as a nightwear and so will not produce the same level of comfort as accrual nightwear. Some women also find them constraining. However, for a small percentage of people, they are the best option. This is because people with extremely large busts, find it uncomfortable to sleep without the support they offer.

Are there sleep bras?

  Yes, there actually are sleep bras. These bras are specifically designed to help offer support while reducing the aforementioned risks above.

  And as a bonus here’s a myth bust: No, sleeping with or without a bra will not inhibit the growth of your breast!

  The Soft cup Nursing bra by Rosme is a great alternative for women who are either nursing or prefer to sleep in a bra.

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Jennifer - April 10, 2020

I don’t sleep with a bra usually. But if I am with my lover I will wear a lace bra with matching panties. Lingerie is very important to me and especially during intimacy. So, yes I do wear a bra to bed sometimes. Bra’s are so beautiful.

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