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November 28, 2017

Plus Size Bras

Finding a comfortable plus sized bra is often frustrating. Let's face it, there are a million bras out there, but very few that are actually very comfortable. How can you find a bra you'll love? Consider looking for these features:

  1. Underwire SupportSupport will give you a more comfortable fit. Finding the right cup size and buying bras with underwires will ensure that you have a comfortable amount of support.
  2. Light foam paddingIf you have trouble with bras stretching or sagging, look for a bra with a light foam cup padding or a mesh layer on the cups. This will help maintain cup shape while adding another element of support and shaping to your bra.
  3. Three-row hooksWhile two rows of hook and eye clasps will sometimes be enough, most plus-sized bras fit better when they feature three clasps. This will prevent stretching and increase the support the bra can offer.
  4. Nylon, Cotton and LycraFinding the right blend of fabrics, most commonly nylon, cotton and lycra, will help you find a bra cup and band that fits and stays. Different women prefer different amounts of stretch, softness and support. Pay attention to the fabric content of bras and keep track of which blends you like and dislike.
  5. Adjustable, padded strapsNobody likes to wear a bra that's cutting into your shoulders. Look for bras with straps that can adjust to longer or shorter lengths and that are thicker or padded to reduce the biting and pinching of skinny, tight bra straps.

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