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Florals for spring lingerie

Floral Design Day

 Hello Lovelies,

I hope everyone’s been having as much fun as I have. The tortillas were amazing by the way. And in the spirit of that, my happy mood has brought me to today’s blog; February 28th happens to be National Floral design day, and everyone knows how much we at Lavinia love the floral design.

Its already that time where the cold is dying out and the sun is starting to make an introduction ahead of summertime fun. It is also the period of floral beauty, where the flowers are bright and the scent of their nectar wafts through in pleasant waves. Many of us love the look of flower not only on the outside but in our fashion and personal styling, and Lingerie is not exempt.

In honor of the dawn of spring and the beauty of flowers, here are five collections we think you’ll just have to add to your closet. Hint: they are floral inspired.

    1. The Cherry by Kinga Collection: As red as cherry this delectable embroidered collection features light threads of flowers and leaves.
    2. The Eliza by Rosme-red Collection:  The classic eliza collection is back once more in black, but I cant help but cling to one of the original colors, perhaps my love for the seductive red is showing.
    3. The Florence by Rosme Collection: This bright and bold blue comes with a fun and spring accent of bright flowers.
    4. The Java by Sawren Collection: the blend of lace on this embroidered work makes it stands out in the best possible way.
    5. The Fleurette by Rosme Collection: Another embroidery masterpiece from Rosme, spring perfect in sexy and alluring grey with the lace hints to create the perfect look.
    6. The Boquet Jasmin by Lise Charmel: Sensual sheer underwired deep demi cup bra. Four colors multi-threads floral embroidery over soft tulle.

Remember to keep an eye out for upcoming discounts!

Love Lavinia

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