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Right Pair Of Panties

Getting the Right Pair of Panties

Hey Lovelies,

I am currently tucked in bed, enjoying the nice cool weather outside. I was having such a blast I figured why not brainstorm on more ways to help you make the best purchasing choices. That’s when it hit me, a while ago we had done a segment on the different kinds of bras, and shortly after I offered a few tips on making the right choice when shopping for bras. This week, we are going to be exploring another really popular lingerie piece. Another piece so popular, that bras are often misunderstood and overlooked. Panties.

Panties, briefs, underpants. Whatever you call them is fine, this lingerie piece is practically the most necessary. Since those with smaller busts can afford to go out without bras, and due to body positivity movement, even those of us with bigger bust is able to do so more commonly now as well. It is no surprise that panties are considered the most popular piece of lingerie.

However, many of us still aren’t as well informed as others. To help tackle this here are a few panty designs and their uses, with a sample of each available on our site.  

  • Classic Briefs: Classic briefs are your regular underwear. They are simple cuts covering the whole buttocks and the top of your thighs. They can be worn with most clothes and are the go-to panties for many. Do not wear beneath tight fitted clothes.
  • Hipster Panties: Hipster Panty are low rise sets that start at the hip and are narrow on the thigh and side sections. Great for wearing with trousers, jeans and shorts.
  • Boy Shorts: Inspired by men’s boxers, boy shorts are tight fitted covering the whole buttocks and some of the thigh section. They are great to be worn under short skirts and dresses. Often made from cotton material these are high on the list for comfort.  
  • Thong: are cut with less material. helping to decrease visibility when wearing tight-fitted clothes.  They are also very sexy pieces. It can be worn with a pencil skirt and tight-fitting dresses.
  • G and T-String: G and T-strings are thin material thongs. They are often simply triangle pieces tied together by a string, hence the name. The biggest difference in them is t strings are designed to leave only the string above the hip visible.  


Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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Lavinia - February 10, 2020

These are Gortek’s Scarlet panties:

Jack Meier - February 10, 2020

What are the re panties in the “Getting the right pair of panties” article?

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